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i let out a yawn, trying not fall asleep during women's studies.

riley, who had been conveniently seated next to me after the seat changes, turned to me and smiled,"someone hasn't been sleeping lately."

i sighed, spinning my pen around through my fingers,"someone wants you to stop talking to them."

"come on, i thought we were cool now," he nudged me,"you know, since i told you my sob story."

i rolled my eyes, trying to write down notes about the women's march,"yeah, well you seem to be actively routing against me, so..."

"not you, your team," he corrected, but i was pretty much still right,"but, you're caught in the crossfire, linsky. i don't have a choice."

i chuckled sardonically, knowing that was a load of shit,"this lesson's actually kind of important, so if you could please leave me alone, i'm trying to listen."

he narrowed his eyes at me,"just a second ago, you were half asleep, about to pass out."

i stared at my notes for a second, knowing he was right,"well, that's neither here nor there."

he chuckled, changing the subject,"saw that big fight you had with conway."

"are you stalking me?" i questioned, leaning back in my seat.

"hardly," he replied, clicking his pen,"we found your little liquid nitrogen prank, and i was going to go annihilate you guys, when i heard yelling. stuck around, had a listen. good stuff."

i rolled my eyes and glanced over at adam, who was sitting next to some cheerleader. he met my eyes and winked. i needed to see his smiling face, so i wouldn't rip off riley's.

feeling more serene, i turned back to riley,"is there a point to what you're saying?"

he shrugged,"not really. just glad to see that you guys are falling apart without our help. you're doing all the work for the board to take away your scholarships. just wanted to thank you."

i sucked my teeth,"i'm not gonna let a bunch of geriatric white people take anything away from me."

the bell rang and i stood up, shoving my notebook in my bag.

"i'll see you at lunch." he told me.

"not if my luck changes." i replied, turning on my heels and walking to adam.

riley walked past us, clapping adam on the shoulder and moving along.

banks watched him walk away, before turning back to me,"you two seemed to be having a nice conversation."

i pushed my bottom lip out,"aww, is someone jealous?"

he gave me a look of offense, leaving the classroom with me,"jealous? of riley?"

i nodded, grabbing his hand,"yeah, that sounds like you."

he rolled his eyes,"just be quiet for the rest of the walk to my quantum physics class."

i laughed and nodded, zipping my lips shut.

i sat next to russ at lunch at the end of the table. usually, i could be seen sitting with charlie, but it was clear that, that was no longer an option.

danny, who was sitting across from us, smiled awkwardly,"are you and charlie still fighting?"

i shrugged, shooting a glare at conway,"i don't know, is charlie still being a little bitch?"

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