Chapter 22

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I trip and scrape the skin off my knees as I skid across the road.

I scream in frustration and pain.

I'm so stupid. What was I thinking, running away like this?

Seriously, this dumb fuck right here decided she's gonna travel through an entire state on foot overnight.

My clothes are torn and soiled, knees a bloody mess.

It's dark outside, so I couldn't see anything even if I brushed my matted hair out of my face.


I give up and lie down in the middle of the road.

I hire the sound of tires approaching, but I don't care anymore.

Headlights shine through my closed eyes, but I'm not opening them.


Pieces of rubble hit my face and I squeeze my eyes shut.

I hear the slamming of a car door and the next thing I know, someone is gently shaking my shoulders.

I open my eyes, dreaming to see someone I knew I wouldn't.

Her warm eyes looking down at me with concern, she places a soft hand on my forehead.

"Let me help you up."

An arm slides under my shoulder and hoists me up. My numb legs barely lift themselves still, but she toughs it out by holding most of my weight.

She carefully lies me down, as if I were prone to shatter, and I feel a damp cloth being applied onto my knees.

I wince and groan a little.

"It's gonna be okay." She laughs. "You beautiful solider."

My heart dances to those words a little as she wraps something around my shins.

"Heads up, my truck's gonna start moving." Try to get some sleep, okay?"

"Wait..." I stir.


"Where... are you driving to?"

"San Francisco. Is there somewhere you'd like to be?"

"...That's where." I mumble.

"You need anything?"

"No, but thanks." I mutter.

She shuts the car door, the engine turns on again, and the truck begins to move.

I open my eyes just a crack to see where I am. I'm in the cargo bed. Ah, that makes sense, as I find myself under a canopy of stars I hadn't noticed before.

To the left is the best view of the night.

To the left is the best view of the night

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