The mistress

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It was early sunrise the next day when Hooney woke me up to get ready. I had no idea Hooney was going to send me away so soon. None of my belongings were packed, but he told me not to worry about clothes and money, because he'd take care of everything I need.

There's a house he owns, it's already furnished, along with servants taking care of it. He said I will be staying there for the meantime, while he let the situation with the wedding and his family settle down.

I asked him how long will it take? He told me, he has no idea and it's best to follow through his father's wishes, so he'll leave him alone as soon as possible. The sooner he could get him off his back, the sooner we can be together.

Hooney held my hand and escorted me outside to the courtyard, where Li He had been standing anxiously, waiting for us. He straightened out as soon as he saw us. Li He looked like he just crawled out of bed. He stepped aside, giving me access to the carriage, I began crawling inside it when Hooney pulled me back one last time.

His long strong arms wrapped around me. "I love you." He murmured on the crook of my neck.

"I love you, too." I croaked tenderly.

I gave him a kiss on his lips which he took further with his tongue. Li He interrupted us with his cock-blocking inpatient groan.

Hooney glared at my brother, and picked me up with his arms tightly on my back, lifting me off my feet. Like a child being possessive with his toy, he walked around the carriage, to the other side where Li He couldn't see our more passionate kiss.

We came back around after a few seconds, Hooney spoke to Li He, giving him further instructions while I hopped inside the carriage, settling for the long day of travel ahead.

Li He took the seat across from me, he stared at me, lips close and tight, just watching me as if he's judging me the entire time.

"What?!... What are looking at me like that for." I demanded.

"So, did he...?" Li He made a crude gesture of clucking his tongue inside his cheeks.

My first found his lips, stinging him with my punch.

He winced. "Ouch!"

"What the heck?!" I bellowed at him.

"What? You didn't leave his room last night. I wanted to know if I'm going to be an uncle in the next nine months."

I scowled at him. "You're an ass! How'd you even know all that?"

"No, I'm a god." He corrected. "I expected, he would've locked you in his room with him. He'd been holding out for a while."

"A god of jack assess." I corrected. "You two seemed to get along well."

Li He smiled. "Well, at least you're not a slave anymore."

"Stepping up in the world." I smacked my lips and smiled back at him.

The ride to Hooney's other manor took all day and by the time we arrived, the sun has long departed, we could barely see the road, traveling to the tucked away village. But the servants had already been made aware of our arrival and they're waiting for us, greeting the carriage as soon as we arrived.

"Welcome." A woman regarded, carrying a lantern in her hand. From the way, the light reflected around the features of her face, and her body, she, perhaps a woman in her early thirties.

Li He stepped out of the carriage, greeting her back. "Thank you. Lord, Hooney sent us here."

"Yes," the woman answered. "We were to welcome the new mistress."

Her eyes searched for me, intrigued who claimed the title of mistress of the manor. I shifted out of my seat and revealed myself to her.

She wore no reaction, only the slight incline of her head. "Welcome to Lord Hooney's manor, mistress."

I was instantly overwhelmed, it was as if I arrived in a dream. The way she inclined her head to me, the polite way she regarded me. I never in my life thought my fate would switch around like this. She called me mistress. A day ago, I was still a slave, born a slave, daughter of a slave mother. There was no escaping the cruel and unjust fate I was doomed to suffer since birth.

But, the universe had not been too cruel at all, because it gave me Hooney. He became my savior, my angel, he saved me from death, and loved me without the layers of our social status separating us. Hooney didn't care, he saw only a girl, and nothing else.

"Thank you." I regarded the woman softly.

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