is that my shirt?

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#57: "is that my shirt?"

"y/n!" you hear your mom call from downstairs. pushing yourself out of bed, you reach the staircase, leaning over the railing to see your mother looking up at you. "do you think you could go grab some groceries from the store please?"

"mom, it's 10pm. nothing is open," you said, furrowing your eyebrows together in confusion. "for what, exactly?"

"i want to make some cookies and we have no milk nor flour."

"cookies? at 10pm." you chuckled to yourself, shaking your head as you walked back to your room. "fine!"

lately, your mom had been having weird cravings to bake. sure, the woman loved to cook and just be in the kitchen in general, but it was becoming frequent, causing you to make more and more late night grocery store runs. you didn't mind, though; it got you out of the house.

after pulling on a tee blindly from your drawer and a pair of grey sweats, you climbed the stairs and walked into the kitchen to retrieve the car keys to your family's minivan, seeing as your car was in the shop.

"alright, i'll be home in twenty or so."

"thank you y/n!"

quickly, maybe five minutes or so, you pulled into the parking lot for whole foods, expecting to get in and get out fast.

with determination in your step, you entered the store and raced to the baking section first. kneeling down, you read the labels to see which were whole wheat, white and brown flour. until you heard someone clear their throat, that is.

"oh, sorry," you winced, standing up to move out of the way of the stranger, before realizing who the stranger was. "steve?"

"hi, y/n."

"why are you-" you were at a loss for words. the last time you had seen steve was last year, before he left for college. it was heartbreaking for you; saying goodbye to your childhood crush was hard enough, let alone the fact that those feelings has resurrected after the intimacy you two had shared that summer.

"why am i here?" he finished for you. you nodded, trying to break eye contact but failing miserably. his eyes always drew you in. "i'm back for the summer. you didn't think i moved away for good, did you?"

"i- kind of."

"i could never move away for good when you're here in hawkins," he said, stuffing his hands in his pockets before glancing downwards. "is that my shirt?"

"i-" you paused, looking down. indeed it was, his black rolling stones tee that you had stolen last summer from him. well, he more or less gave it to you, considering you had lost your own shirt that night.

"you're so cute, y/n. all stuttery and shit around me," steve laughed. your cheeks began flushing with warmth, so in an attempt to hide your blushes, you grabbed the flour and ran. "bye, y/n!"

hurriedly, you picked up the milk and made your way in line. after paying for the two items, you bolted out to your car and sat in there for a good half hour. most of the time was spent sobbing over the boy you had just left in the supermarket.

last summer was the best summer of your life. steve and you had met up at a party, a party which he was tired of and where you knew nobody, and decided to make fun of it. "making fun of it" basically meant getting drunk off your asses and wandering around town. it was fun, until you ended up back at steve's. he had taken your virginity, a drunk mistake, though you didn't necessarily count it as a mistake. the rest of the summer was spent together, hooking up, spending time together. until he had to leave for college. that was absolute heartbreak for you. you'd been in love with this boy since you figured out what love meant, so having all of your wishes granted and then taken away from you in an instant was torture. months were spent sobbing over steve. you thought you'd gotten over him; apparently not.

now, you sat in your car, blasting your sad music playlist as your head rested against your steering wheel. your shoulders shook as tears poured down your face uncontrollably.

suddenly, there was a knock on your window. startled, you looked up and met a familiar pair of brown eyes staring back at you.

hesitantly, you rolled down your window, wiping your eyes desperately.

"were you crying?" steve asked, concerned as he leaned over the window, partially in your car. his eyes darted around the vehicle before placing them steadily on you. you turned your music down, continuing to wipe your eyes.


he frowned before changing the subject. "i like your car," steve joked. you were thankful for that. "seriously. it's cute. minivans are in now, i hear."

you giggled small.

"it's my mom's. mine is in the shop."

"you should consider getting one of these," steve said, looking around before patting the roof of the car. you smiled sadly again, looking down.

"there's that pretty smile," the boy grinned, lacing his fingers together as he rested his chin on them. you looked up as his face got serious. "what's going on?"

"it's n-nothing," you hiccuped, continuing to wipe your eyes. tears stung at the back of your eyelids, threatening to release at any given second.

"well it's obviously something if it's got you this wound up," he frowned.

it's you, steve. you're the reason i'm so wound up. you're the reason i'm sitting in my car in a parking lot bawling my eyes out to the mamma mia soundtrack.

"it's nothing," you repeated with a shaky voice. sighing, you turned your keys in the ignition. in defeat, steve stood up straight, still watching you as you started the car. before you could leave, steve stopped you by speaking up. 

"do you still have the same phone number?"

"what?" you looked up. the boy had his arms crossed, staring at you like he always did. the amount of times he pulled you in with just a look was uncountable.

"do you still have the same phone number? or am i going to have to ask you for your number again?"

a smile grew wide on your lips. "it's the same."

steve nodded, continuing to watch you from where he stood. "good. i miss seeing your smile everyday."

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