the minnesota club

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against my better judgment, in less than an hour, we would all be eating dinner with the varsity team. my teammates thought i was being paranoid, which was backed up by lack of sleep, but i knew i was just being well informed.

varsity has been nice to us exactly zero times, and this was not the time that they would turn over a new leaf.

i walked in with julie and luis. the varsity team was already sitting there, along with a few other jv members.

i felt eyes on me and looked to see adam staring, like it was the first time he'd seen me.

i smiled lightly and waved, watching him get you and walk over to me. he was wearing a black suit with a blue tie, looking a little congressmen-esque, but still very attractive.

"you look hot." i commented, as he wrapped his arms around my waist to hug me.

i wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in. his familiar cologne filled my nostrils, something i always enjoyed.

he laughed,"you took the words right out of my mouth," we let go, and i think he could tell i was still a little suspicious,"alright, nancy drew, just relax."

i rolled my eyes, correcting him,"if i'm any sort of investigator, i'm veronica mars, she's awesome."

adam was going to respond, when my name was called, interrupting our conversation.

"scarlett," riley smiled, patting the seat next to him,"you're with me."

adam and i shared weary look,"how did i see that coming?"

he ran a tongue over his teeth,"sit, please."

"well, since you asked politely." i said blankly, taking my seat.

"that dress looks great with your nose ring." he told me, but i think he was kind of making fun of me.

i knit my eyebrows,"that's a very weird thing to say, riley."

i could tell that this would be a very long evening.

"you're not eating that much." riley pointed out, looking at my fully intact meal.

i shrugged,"yeah, well, if you poisoned it, i wanna be sure that i don't have that much in my system."

he laughed,"i didn't poison anyone's food, gilinsky. take it easy."

i let out a breath from my nose, tired of people telling me to 'take it easy'. it was completely impossible for me to relax, because i felt there were multiple targets on my back, and there was nothing i could do about it.

with varsity doing everything in their power to destroy us, and with me being captain and upsetting half my team, i was constantly wondering what would happen next.

i didn't answer riley, just watched as dwayne struggled to understand the multiple forks that sat in front of him,"uh, waiter, i've got too many forks, i only need one," he started to laugh, when he picked up the tiny fork,"what's this little bitty one?"

danny laughed,"dwayne, just put the fork down."

i smiled in amusement and locked eyes with adam. his expression didn't change, he just looked me up and down before averting his gaze.

i furrowed my brow, not sure what was wrong with him.

riley stood up, scooting his chair back, and tapping on his glass with a knife, to get everyone's attention. when he had it, he started a toast,"on behalf of the eden hall warrior varsity championship hockey team, i'd like to welcome the future state champs, the eden hall freshman. here, here."

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