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it took us a few days to completely pull off our prank. we had to work with the dean's schedule, and note when he would be out of his office, so we could steal some of his ants.

but the longer we waited, the more surprised they would be, which would only make the victory that much sweeter.

i heard a knock at my door, and adjusted my sweater, before answering it.

charlie was leaning against my doorframe, dressed in all black.

i smiled lightly,"charlie conway."

"scarlett gilinsky," he returned the smile, looking past me and the multiple baskets of assorted items,"those from adam?"

i looked back at them and nodded, rolling my eyes,"yeah."

charlie sighed, feeling a little sympathy towards me,"come on, scar. we've got revenge things to do."

i nodded and left my room, locking the door behind me.

we walked in silence, but i felt it had to be said,"charlie, i'm really glad that we're talking again," he looked like he was going to protest, so i continued to talk,"and i know that after this, you're probably gonna go back to hating me, but...i miss you and i just- i needed you to know that."

he stared at me for a second, processing my words.

i looked at the floor as we walked, too nervous that i had just completely embarrassed myself.

"i missed you too, scar," he slugged an arm around me,"i'm tired of fighting."

i smiled in amusement, wrapping my arm around his waist,"even if i am a backstabbing traitor?"

he shrugged, stating sardonically,"well, i'm a little bitch boy, so-"

i laughed and shook my head, relieved to have him back. all the fighting was too much for me to handle.

we stood inside the varsity's dorm building, while julie, who was on the frontlines, let us know we were safe,"coast is clear. come on."

i smiled devilishly, grabbing some rope from danny. we tied parallel doors to each other, so that if they tried to escape, it would really be each other who was keeping that from happening.

connie and guy were keeping look out, and dwayne had gone outside it catch any stragglers.

while charlie and russ went to get the ants, kenny stood on averman's shoulders with a fishing pole, to get the tubes right on the boys' beds.

kenny, however, could not seem to find the right stance, and was continually stepping on averman's head.

averman shook his head, as his glasses fell off,"nah, it's okay it's just my face."

i shrugged, walking by, and tilting my sunglasses down,"no one was lookin' at it anyways."

"ha ha." he replied flatly, adjusting his glasses.

once russ and charlie returned, and dwayne was done with his wild west expedition, we all gathered around to watch the ants pour into the rooms.

danny handed them the funnel,"use the funnel."

they carefully poured the ants down the tubes, and once that was completed, we all stood at the end of the hall, ready for all hell to break lose.

i grabbed onto the main rope, the one that held all the doors shut, giving me the power to let them free when i saw fit.

screaming could be heard from their respective rooms, and they tried the doors, but of course, it was to no avail.

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