Chapter Ten (Edited)

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It is now the third week of the social season and I can tell some of the nobel women are getting antsy from not seeing the Prince as often as they wish. They are treating the help with even less respect than usual and are now getting into arguments with each other.

I know that Noah has not spent the time with the women that the King and Queen has expected out of him. Mostly Noah spends his time up in his study. And the aggravation is noticed from King and Queen by this as well. Last evening I had tea poured on me by the Queen. Her claiming that it was much too cold to be served to someone of royalty. Luckily, I was able to wash it out of my hair and clothes easily.

Agatha woke me up today with the news that the King and Queens distant family is coming to visit and will be staying with us for a few days. Not to mention that there is another social event this evening. To say our hands are full is an understatement.

"Sera! The distant family is here. I need you in the foyer to help greet them," Agatha calls to me as I stand in the kitchen cleaning dishes.

I hand over the task to someone next to me and rush to Agatha, not wanting to get in trouble for taking too long.

I find Agatha looking nervously over each of the help, making sure everyone looks their best. Who knows what kind of trouble we would get in if we looked less than perfect.

She makes her way to me and licks her hand and slicks back the stray hairs that have escaped my bun. Some may be disgusted by this simple gesture, but it brings me back to a time where Mother would do that to me before school. A much more simpler time than now.

"Okay everyone, the distant family includes two women and a man, all much more ruthless than anyone I have ever met. I am not going to sugar coat it for you. They will throw insults at you. They may even lay a hand on you. Please come to me if this happens. If you go to any of the royal family, they could have you executed for any reason they make up. Please, keep your head low," Agatha says to everyone in a intense and low voice.

Although her statement scares me a bit, I swallow that fear and remind myself that I am here for my job and as long as I don't make myself known, then I should be able to avoid any contact with them. This job pays for Mother to have a better life. There can be no one to fear me enough for me to run from the only thing that can help make her life better.

Agatha lines herself against the walls with the rest of us and before we have a chance to breathe, the door opens to reveal the King and Queen walking in with the distant family.

Their dark hair and tan skin contrasts with the King and Queens fair complexion. The most obvious resemblance would definitely be the height their nose can reach.

"Oh my, cousin. This place looks dreadful! You must not have had a great selection with the help this year," I hear one of the two women say to the Queen.

The Queen simply nods in agreement before addressing me, a young man slightly older than I, and the women I rode with on the train to the palace by the name of Abigail, "You three, go outside, get their luggage and bring it to their room. Now! The rest of you, go back to your chores!"

We all bow our heads and separate, us rushing outside where the luggage is waiting for us. The young man, whom I don't know the name of yet, picks up three bags easily. I come behind him and grab two bags that feel as though boulders were placed in them. I can already feel my hands cramping from holding them, yet I still have to climb three flights of stairs.

I turn around and see Abigail struggling to hold one bag. Her legs barely having the strength to carry her little amount of body weight. She is refusing to eat the palace food, causing her to slowly starve herself and become weaker and weaker. I want to help her, but I must make it past the Queens eye in order for her to not be punished for not carrying her chores as we all do.

Us three walk through the foyer, where the Queen and her cousins are standing there, most likely talking about the finer things in life. Suddenly, I hear a deep thump come from behind me. I turn around and see the bag that Abigail was carrying laying on the floor.

Everything seens to happen in slow motion from there. One of the Queen's cousins march over to where Abigail is struggling, trying to pick the heavy bag up again. But before Abigail has a chance to pick herself up, the Queen's cousin brings her palm across Abigails face. Causing her to fall back down.

"Those are designer, you dirtball! Do you have any idea how much money are in those suitcases?! They are worth more than your life!"

Before another word is said, she walks away with the Queen following, muttering her apologies. Abigail, still sitting on the floor, is shaking with what seems like rage after having contact with the family.

As soon as everyone leaves the foyer, I rush to the side of Abigail, cradle her face and say, "Go straight to Agatha. I'll take your bag."

Abigail seems as though she is going to put up a fight, but she reluctantly makes her way to the kitchen, where Agatha at least has a chance of calming her down.

I grab the heavy bag, along with my two, and start making the long trek up the stairs. The only thought going through my mind is how the distant family is going to be more difficult than Agatha suggested.

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