i know

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coach had called me out of forensic science, and i had a sneaking suspicion as to why.

i walked into his office, and immediately started talking,"i know what you're gonna say, and i'm gonna try to get through to conway."

he looked at me with unimpressed eyes, and i knew immediately that i was wrong about what he wanted to talk about,"that's all well and good, but that's not why i wanted to talk to you."

i knit my eyebrows and took a seat, wondering what else there would be to discuss,"okay... so, what's up?"

"i'm bringing my daughter to the rink this weekend," he started, causing me to smile,"and i told her that you were on my team, and she really wants to see you again."

i grinned,"yeah, i'll totally show up."

he didn't smile, mostly because he never did that, but he looked grateful,"thank you. i'm gonna bring her on saturday at about one thirty."

i nodded, noting the information in my head, "got it. anything else?"

he sighed, looking at his desk and muttering, "also...feel free to, uh, talk to fulton and conway."

"i'm gonna have to if we wanna stand a chance at the game today," i answered, feeling a headache coming on just thinking about it,"if we don't have either of them, we're gonna get our asses handed to us."

he shrugged, not wanting to admit that charlie was an integral member of the team,"or now you'll be able to captain your team."

i chuckled,"doubt it."

just as i had predicted, we bombed at the game. there just wasn't enough of us to keep up. and none of us were as tough as fulton. i had tried to call charlie and fulton, but neither of them answered.

and there was no time to make a home visit before the game.

but since i had felt the sting of defeat, i had nothing left to lose. i walked up to charlie's porch, hoping i would be able to get through to him.

i knocked on the door and waited for an answer. it opened seconds later, showing a desperate casey.

"do you know where charlie is?" she fired off, causing me to look at her with wide eyes.

"he's not here?" i questioned, feeling my chest tighten.

she shook her head,"no, coach orion told me he quit eden, and i haven't seen him at all."

i let out a breath, feeling completely depleted. the team was falling apart, my relationship was falling apart, and i had no means of fixing it.

i felt tears start to slide down my cheek, unable to hold them back.

"i'm sorry." i told casey, turning to leave, but she grabbed my arm.

"scarlett, why don't you come in and wait for him? he's gotta be back sometime." she offered, pulling me into the house.

"thanks." i answered, taking a seat on her couch.

she nodded, taking a seat next to me,"so, what's wrong, honey?"

i sniffled, wiping my eyes,"what do you mean?"

she chuckled,"it's my understanding that girls don't typically cry over my son."

i laughed, hiding my hands in my face,"it's not him. it's the team, it doesn't work without him," i could feel my eyes start to water again, knowing that i'm failing,"and i'm such a terrible captain, and my boyfriend and i aren't talking, and i-"

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