chapter 13

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*Everest's pov*

My Knuckle where covered in tiny scratches and blood, they throbbed in pain but it was worth it all.

With a little bit of threatening, we got some information we need out of him.

Yet we are currently not aware of the names of 54% of the other gangs he supplies and I'm done playing.

Before getting started again on him, I rubbed some ice and cream onto my knuckles to ease the pain.

Ken's came out of nowhere and slid my phone Infront of me.

Confused, I grabbed it and looked at the screen.

My hands held the tiny phone shacking from the pain within them.

An album of 8 pictures popped up on the screen.

The first one was a picture of Mia and Troy hugging, it was clear that that picture was taken a few moments after we left and her tears where visible.

The second was an adorable picture of Troy and Mia cuddling on a couch while watching TV.

The third was both of them sitting in highchairs with food all around them and in their hair and all over the floor.

The fourth is a selfie with both Mia and Troy having a bubble bath in the background and kadens smiling face in the front.

The fifth is a video of Mia and troy in diapers dancing to "just dance" on YouTube and kadens encouraging voice in the background.

The sixth is a picture of both the babies brushing their teeth.

The seventh is a picture of the babies inside their beds in cute little matching onseis and a both drinking milk from their bottles while reading a story.

The last one is a video of Kaden covering the two sleeping babies and removing the bottles from their hands and inserting a Pacifier in their mouths, he ended the video with giving Mia a kiss on the forehead and a Troy a peck on the lips.

I realized my hands stopped shaking, and my heart grew 19 sizes bigger, I missed her so much, and I want to be the one feeding her, playing with her, washing her, dancing with her, giving her her bottle, reading to her to sleep and I want to be the one pecking her lips.

I put the phone down and looked after Kenzie.

"Alright I want the crook locked up now, he gets food once a day, 3 guards around his cell 24/7, we will be back next week,"

I left the tiny kitchen and headed upstairs to pack my stuff.

And in the corner I see greyson looking the the same pictures smiling and a year slips from his eye.

"Are you crying?" I ask in shook.

"Ya, shut up, last picture was sent 5 hours ago at 10, we still have time to get there and wake up beside her," he said smiling hopefully.

"I know man, lets go get our baby," I said giving him a more than friendly hug.
I turned to the left, stretching, mentally preparing myself to wake up.

I hit a large hard figure and was shocked.

Did uncle Kaden Stay here last night?

I opened my eyes and was very please to see a shirtless specific tattooed man and to the right of me I grinned at a shirtless blond haired man and I giggled at how greyson hugged my legs and rested his head on them.

I decided to wake them because I missed them.

I wiggled from under greyson and jumped onto ken's lap.

Sitting this time was a little uncomfortable this time.

He prince parts where very big now.

I moved a little and ground and how uncomfortable it is.

I felt Everest move from beside me and finally he opened his eyes.

When he saw me sitting in Kenzie he frowned and asked "princess what are you trying to do?"

"Daddy I'm waking up Kenny but it is but comfortable on his lap," I said frowning.

"Why?" He asked scrunching up his eyebrows.

"Look, his prince parts are very big now, but why daddy, they aren't like this all the time?" I said touching them.

Everest smirked wide and watched me move on his lap trying to get more comfortable.

Kenz then moaned and held my hips with his eyes still closed.

He moved his hands thus moving my hips too, hitting my princess parts, and a feeling erupted from between my legs.

"Mmm daddy, my princess parts feel nice," I said closing my eyes and biting my lips.

Everest eyes grew darker and he rose up from the bed.

He was wearing his boxers and his prince parts were same as Kenny.

"Is that soo baby," he said in a very hushed voice.

"Why don't you move alittle," he said while moving my hair away from my neck and giving it a light kiss.

I moved and the same feeling erupted again.

"Daddy it feels so good!" I say opening my mouth.

Kenny moaned and this time opened his eyes.

"Ahh, what the fuck, baby you are killing me, what are you doing?" Kenny said moving my hips with his hands.

"Daddy it feels good," I said to kenny.

Kenny looked at Everest and Everest said "don't stop," while biting my neck and I shivered at the contact.

"Fuck guys what are you doing," I heard grey say.

"Little mia's princess parts feel good while she moves on Kenny's lap," Everest says moving his boxers and it looks like he is trying g to relieve pressure.

"Ah and ken also feels good," ken says while growing impatient.

Greyson walks and steps behind Everest leaving no distance between them.

"Fuck it," kenz says flipping meover and opening my legs.

He locked himself between them and rubs his prince parts all over my panties.

"Oh daddy, it feels really good, more umm more," I said and I heard him groun.

Kenz pulled my arms above my head and began to kiss my neck while he moved his hips onto mine.

I saw greyson and Everest doing the same thing but both of them stared at me.

Kenz moved faster and faster and harder.

"I'm gonna explode, oh daddy," I said as I reached a point where I could not handle this anymore.

"Don't worry baby let go," kenz said.

And I did and I felt liquid running down my panties.

Kenz then picked me up And gave me a big hug and sat me up on the edge of the bed.

All the boys then sat on their knees on the floor.

I rubbed my head and stared at them.

"What was that," I asked my voice horse.

The guys chuckled at me and said "oh honey your too Innocent,"


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