His secret

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A week passed, and then another. A full month passed and nothing happened. No news came about Hooney, nothing to let me know what's going on, what to expect. I was left in this secluded manor with servants tending to all my needs. I yearned for him, staring at the entrance of the gate wishing he'd appear mounted on a horse strutting in. Every day, I'd sit by the door waiting for him.

Another month came by and still no news of him. Even if I ask the servants, they tell me they haven't heard anything about their master. They rarely hear from him, all they seem to care about is making sure the manor is in order and they get paid for their services.

I began to fear Hooney had forgotten about me.

Maybe, I rushed into this, I can't help but have the slightest regret. I shouldn't have let myself got involved. Hooney wouldn't have been facing all the troubles he's facing right now. I felt bad...somehow.

By the second month, Li He came for a visit, he stayed for a day just so he can check on my wellbeing. He said Hooney sent him to check on me, handing me a folded paper. When I looked at it later that night, I found out it was a smutty love letter, filled with witty vulgarity. His unconventional letter had me laughing and cringing at the same time. I should've expected something like this from Hooney. He'd rather write something perverted than anything romantic. I doubt he could even write anything romantic at this point.

I tucked the letter under my pillow to read for those lonely times when I'm missing him.

Li He visited for what seemed like every two months, staying only for a day or two. After a while, that two months extended longer, until it was every three months. He told me, he'd been busy and the ride down here is too long.

"It takes a toll on me, Hui. You know I still have to come home to Jiaying on weekends, that alone is a few hours ride. I'm worn out." He complained.

"What about Hooney? Why can't he come here and see me instead?"

"He's busy." Li He murmured distantly and I knew instantly there's something he's not telling me. I always know when Li He is lying to me. But he told me, he'll let Hooney know of my wishes and try and convince him to pay me a visit.

The very next week Hooney came - alone. Without his guards or anybody else tailing him. I was surprised, I didn't expect to see him when he walked right through the door, grinning at me - surprising me.

I jumped off my seat, running to him, my arms sprawled - couldn't wait to swallow him in my embrace. "Hooney!" I exclaimed, could barely contain my excitement.

He yanked me into his chest, laughing carelessly. He seemed happy to see me. "I see someone missed me." He chimed and I wouldn't deny the obvious.

"I did!" I murmured into his lips.

He squeezed my ribs, making me wince and open my mouth while he freely slipped his tongue in.

Hooney slapped my butt as we climbed up to the bedroom, unable to contain the heat anymore that my clothes are falling off me on their own.

Our fervor lovemaking lasted non-stop for days that the bedroom itself wafted with the stench of fresh sex. We were both sore and exhausted. A belated honeymoon since we never had a chance when he proclaimed me as his concubine.

This was heaven, an Eden. My happiness relied on him being home with me, making love to me. Us tangling with each other as one soul, mind, and body. We couldn't be separated.

And just as everything good in this world, this bliss would never last forever. It broke my heart when he told me he couldn't stay long.

"I have to go again." He murmured the night before his scheduled departure. Five days, that was all he gave me. Too short compared to those times I sat in front of the house, desperate and lonely - waiting for him. 

Hooney kissed me goodbye. "Stay longer," I begged. "I didn't see you for nearly ten months."

"I can't." He murmured, dropping a tender kiss on my lips. "I'll plan it better next time, I can't stay away too long right now"

"B-but when is next time?" I croaked desperately.

Hooney gave me no answer.

"I love you, and I miss you every day." He re-assured me instead. But I don't know whether I believe him, because he smelled like a married man who's trying to keep away a secret. 

"I love you, too," I told him silently. 

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