i'm so in love with you

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prompt #36: "i'm so in love with you."


it was a saturday night and your parents had left you with your baby sister to go on a date night. at first, the couple were hesitant, seeing as she was born a year ago and they were still dealing with the separation anxiety from their newborn. though, you realized that your parents were in need of some time alone, and since you had nothing to do that night, you decided to force them out so you could spend some time with your sister.

she was cute, you wouldn't deny. her chubby little cheeks and the smallest of feet were enough to make you swoon just by looking at the newborn.

your parents had just recently left, and now you were sitting in the living room with the tiny girl. then there was a knock at the front door.

"who could that be?" you wondered aloud, checking the clock on the wall. it wasn't too late, only seven, but you weren't expecting anyone.

resting your sister on your hip, you made your way to the door, unlocking and opening it to find steve, your boyfriend of eleven months, standing on your front step. he looked up, meeting your eyes and smiled. "hey, babe."

"steve! hi." greeting you with a kiss, steve leaned in and pecked your lips before you asked him to come in.

"my parents are out and i'm just watching her," you explained, setting the baby down on her couch as she reached for her stuffed animal. turning to steve, you smiled. "what are you doing here?"

"in the neighbourhood, i figured i'd stop by," he grinned. rolling your eyes, you smiled at the boy before he pulled you in for a sweet kiss. "can i help you babysit?"

"sure, if you want," you giggled, looking up at the boy. he smiled down at her, tracing every detail of your face with his eyes before placing another kiss on your lips.

"i'm really good with kids," steve bragged, picking your baby sister up from the couch and holding her steadily. 

"is that so?"

"seriously! don't be surprised," steve smirked, bouncing the one year old up and down on his hip. "how about you, y/n? fit to be a parent?"

"i'd like to think i'm decent," you said modestly and steve rolled his eyes. "what?"

"you'd be an amazing mom, i'm sure of it," steve said, handing you the baby. smiling, you took the girl in your hands, cradling her in your arms. "see, look! even she knows it. the way she's so comfortable with you."

"steve, i'm her sister. i'd hope she'd be comfortable with me."

"you know what i mean."

later, maybe an hour or so after steve had come over, the three of you sat at the table. you fed the one year old some food while she sat in the high chair as steve watched you intently. you felt a blush growing upon your cheeks, turning to him smiling.

"stop staring at me," you teased, tucking your hair behind your eye.

"sorry," he laughed, grabbing your hand and holding it over the table. suddenly, the little girl in front of you yawned and you sighed, standing up. "time for bed?"

"i guess so."

picking her up out of her high chair, you made your way to her bedroom and placed her in the crib softly. a pair of arms wrapped around you as you tucked the little girl in with her blanket and stuffed animal. grinning, you turned around to look at steve before looking back at the baby, already sound asleep.

"i'm so in love with you."

tilting your head to look at him, you smiled. "i'm so in love with you too, steve."

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