Chapter 11

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Abhinay pov

" Boss!! Calm down. Don't do anything reckless." Vinay yelled as he marched his foot with me along with Viraj, trying everything to stop me from reaching her room.

" Shut up or I am gonna shoot you Vinay.'' I yelled at him as I glared at him then looked ahead and with one thud, I opened the door of her room.

There she was !! sleeping on a bed with a peaceful look adorned her face. For once, I felt a tug on my heart as I continued to gaze at her, halting my steps from reaching her.

" Boss ! let her sleep. We already pushed her enough for the day." Viraj voice broke me from my trance and once again anger took over my body.

Without thinking I reached her bed and pulled her arm from under the blanket with such a force that she shrieked, hitting her knees with the corner of the bedside table accidently as I jerked her off the bed and made her to stand with my hands gripping on her arms tightly.

Sleep was gone from her face as she thrashed in my hold and screamed making me to cover her mouth with my hand as I forced her screamed into a muffled voice.

" Shut up if you don't want me to blow off your head girl !!" I threatened.

She stopped thrashing as soon as my words sank in me and looked at me with wide eyes as a fear was swirling in her big doe innocent like eyes.

I smirked.

'' Boss let her rest." Vinay's voice irked me as I turned my head and shooted daggers at him with my eyes. What did he think of herself? Can he shut up for once !!

" You both" I stated in my stern voice and continued," Dare me to stop and be ready to face the consequences." I warned them. I now knows they both won't be able to utter a single word as they are well aware my warnings are not meant to be taken lightly.

"Mhmm - mhnmhh" I heard a muffled voice as my face turned to look at the captive trying to free herself from my clutches.

I smirked again and without glancing at the other two idiots in the room, I dragged her from her room and directly to the outside.

" Where are you taking her?" Vinay's voice reached my ears from the behind but I completely ignored him as I continued to drag this problematic girl towards the backyard of my house.

" Where are you taking her abhi?" He repeated again.

" To hell..!! If you want to join her then gladly join her" I said irritated at his constant nagging.

After that he shut his mouth completely.


" Mhmm mhmmm" This girl was still struggling in my arms making me to go hell irritated as anger rose inside me. I took her to my garden area. To my shock, it was raining heavily making me completely drenched within few seconds and so did the others too.

Weather was good till this afternoon. What happened suddenly? I thought confusedly but as usual I didn't paid much attention to the climate. My mind was completely directed to this little vixen still thrashing in my arms.

" Mhmmm-mhmmmmm"

" Boss, I don't know what you are planning. But please let's get inside. It's raining. Let's get inside before you catch a cold." Viraj said with a slight hesitation and worry in his voice while Vinay was looking at the girl with a pitiful look.

Arghhh. This girl..!!

" Vinay bring me the rope from the store room." I ordered.

" But bos-" I cut him off.

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