Chapter 31

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I've never thought Ashenvale to be beautiful, but staring out at the sunset now makes it seem like the most beautiful place I've ever seen.

Had the winds always blown so softly?

Have the grass always been so green?

Has the world always been so beautiful?

"Evelyn! Did you finish cleaning?"

I turn to see Sister Lydia running towards me with a big smile on her cherub face.

Guess she finally finished. Everyone always makes fun of her because she's always the slowest at cleaning the church.

Slowest, but with the utmost detail.

"Yes I did."

"Are you going to stay here to watch the sunset?"

"Yes I am."

"Sister Mary is cooking! You better come back fast or the food will be gone."


Lydia runs down the hill, disappearing from my line of vision.

These days pretty much end the same way.

And I like it. A lot.

Ever since Niles brought me back to Ashenvale, things have been none other than good for me.

No one knows me here. No one knows I'm here. Not my family, not the Elders, not any of the Dietrichs.

To be honest, ever since coming here, I've had a lot more time to myself. I've had a lot more time to think about everything that has happened.

Back then, the Elders really wanted me executed in public.

But according to Niles, Lucien went to plead against my execution. If not for him, I would have been burnt alive ages ago.

However, there's more to the story.

Niles did not tell me at first, but somehow we finally got to talking about it. That was when I really realized how selfish I was.

By protecting me time and time again, Lucien's position was compromised. On the basis that he provided illegal access to the Border to not one, but two criminal fugitives, he had to relinquish his title as the Lord of Emberwind and the power that came with it.

Lucien is to serve under house arrest for as long as the Elders deem worthy or upon the appearance of another Pureblood bearer, whichever comes earlier.

His friends are not permitted to be in contact with him as he is not allowed to have contact with anyone outside of Emberwind.

I remember Lucien saying once that he's free like the wind. He proposed, if I'm with him, I'd be free too.

But now, it seems like my freedom costed his own.

For that, I'm deeply saddened—a high noble of his status losing everything for someone like me who can't even clearly reciprocate his feelings.

Niles tried sneaking in to Emberwind, but to no avail. The area is now heavily guarded. The only vampire with access to him is Lord Killua. Otherwise, no one has seen him.

Lucien must be lonely.

How I want him to be able to see the sun set as I do now. How I want him to hear my thanks, my gratitude, my thoughts.

How I want him to know that it's him who's responsible for giving me all these things to be thankful for.

My world used to revolve around Master. But ever since coming here, I realized that I've been seeing the world, not wrong, but very narrow-mindedly.

It doesn't seem like it, but it has already been three years.

Three years can be a very long time. Three years is also a very short time. My fangs have already grown back, sharper than ever.

Let's see who dares to put another muzzle on me. That memory is unpleasant, but I can still poke fun at it. What liberty...

My chuckle must've attracted someone's attention for footsteps that most certainly do no belong to Lydia approach my way.

As the figure comes into view, I hold my breath.

His sturdy golden eyes look my way. They are more solid than I remember.

His light brown hair looks almost blonde with the reflection of the setting sun. Truly, there's no mistaking.

"Hello Sister..." his cool voice greets. "I'm looking for a Miss Evelyn."


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