:star gazing: steve harrington

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"Won't you watch the stars with me, darling?"

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"Won't you watch the stars with me, darling?"


- YOU WATCHED THE night sky, laying against the hood of your car, soft music playing from the radio as you watched how the stars glowed brightly. Beside you was your boyfriend Steve, slowly falling asleep from the peace and quietness - the both of you barely speaking and enjoying each other's company. You slightly shook his arm, giggling as he sleepily opened his dark orbs. Steve intertwined your hands, his thumb rubbing smooth circles on yours.

"It's beautiful out," He softly spoke, nuzzling his face into your neck, his hot breath fanning against your freezing skin. You shivered, shifting uncomfortably. Steve noticed, chuckling lightly. "But it's not as beautiful as you, doll," He kissed your cold skin, gentle, making sure to leave you wanting for more. Steve faced toward the sky, pulling you closer to him - feeling his warmth against your freezing body.

You loved it when you two did this; watching the gorgeous scenery above, forgetting about the world and it's problems and getting lost in each other. It's what you really loved about Steve, being able to do things like this, you wouldn't want it with anyone else.

Steve turned towards you, a lazy grin appearing on his soft lips. You raised an eyebrow, holding back a smile.

"What?" You asked, glancing down at his lips, craving more of him as he stared at you, love and admiration pooling in his eyes.

"You know I love you, right?" Steve mumbled, etching closer to your face, his nose brushing against yours. Your breath hitched, your heart pumping faster as his hands grazed your jacket covered arm. Steve loved to see you like this; becoming hot against his touch, wanting more after every kiss.

God, this boy was head over heals for you - he knew that for sure.

"Yes," You spoke, waiting for his lips to crash into yours at any moment, but Steve was teasing, and you hated being teased. Smirking, Steve climbed on top of you, his hands on either side of your head. He licked his lips as he looked at your body - even though you wore sweatpants and a jacket - but he didn't care. To him, you looked beautiful in anything.

Steve kissed your neck once again, causing you to shiver beneath him from the sudden contact and the chilly weather. He moved up, nipping at your jawline and making his way up to your lips. When you felt them, your whole body relaxed, melting against his. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him down closer. Steve pulled away - much to your dismay - and laughed at your pouting state. He stood up, pulling you up along with him.

He wrapped his arms around your waist, your body's touching. Steve kissed your cheek, his gentle lips grazing your ear. You leaned into him, moaning quietly as his hot breath fanned your cheeks. Both of you wanted each other, the feeling of wanting him was becoming unbearable. Whining lightly, you moan a little louder to get his attention. Steve chuckles, pulling away.

"Let's take this somewhere else, hm?"

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