warriors die

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"mendoza, gilinsky, robertson." coach checked off our names, as we sat on the bus getting ready for an away game.

i took a seat next to dwayne who smiled sweetly at me.

i watched as charlie walked into the bus, coach asking surprisingly,"conway?"

charlie smiled,"i wanna be on the team, coach. i wanna play two way hockey, under scar's captainship."

coach took a moment to think, before sighing, "take a seat. we're running late."

charlie grinned and sat next to russ, who immediately started to make fun of him.

russ started speaking in a baby's voice,"i want to work under scar's captainship."

i stood up over the seat and hit russ over the head,"that was the best part, shut up russ."

"i almost missed you," dean buckley walked up the bus steps,"coach, mind if i have a word with you and your boys?"

"and girls." i corrected him, leaning against the back of charlie's seat.

he smiled at me,"of course."

coach checked his watch, sighing,"if you can make it quick. we're running late as is."

the dean frowned, clasping his hands together, "i'm afraid this is important. we have a board meeting scheduled tomorrow and well, you all are on the agenda. we have to think long term here. what's in your best interest," i narrowed my eyes, wondering where this was going, "hard as it is for me to say personally, because you kids have been a breath of fresh air around here, the board is going to approve the withdrawal of your scholarships."

i scoffed in disbelief,"are you kidding me? this is fucking-"

the dean looked at me sternly,"language, young lady."

"fuck language," i spat, not seeing the reason to filter myself,"this is bullshit, you just used us for publicity. and now you don't need us, so you're just gonna drop us at whatever homeless shelter you feel like. why don't you go-"

i was cut off by dwayne covering my mouth, and laughing nervously,"alright that's enough outta scarlett. anyone else?"

buckley stared at me wearily, before continuing,"now, you'll be welcome to stay through the end of the semester. but after that, it will be necessary for you to explore other educational opportunities."

i pushed dwayne's hand off of my mouth, and sat down, too annoyed to keep talking.

coach stared at him angrily,"dean, i need a word with you."

buckley shrugged,"i think i've said all i needed to say."

"no," coach said sternly, demanding,"now."

dwayne gave us a confused look,"other educational opportunities? what does that mean?"

russ sighed, full of contempt,"i'll put it in terms you can understand: adios amigo."

"oh, i see." dwayne frowned.

i patted him on the shoulder reassuringly. he gave me a half smile, but i could tell he was really disappointed. i hated this stupid school for bringing us all together, just to rip us right back apart.

"so that's it? you're dumping them just like that?!" coach asked angrily.

we all piled up on the side of the bus, trying to get a view.

the dean sighed, like his hands were tied, "coach, i'm sorry. your team isn't performing and i've been under enormous pressure."

coach scoffed,"from who? the alumni group? a bunch of aging pep clubbers?"

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