chapter 14

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After my little 'wake up' call this morning, which I loved, we headed down, said our goodbyes to Kaden and Troy, and left.

It is currently 2 pm, and Mia has been in a nap for about 45 minutes.

Recently I have been reading about 'ddlg' alot, it is surprising how much I am into it.

I have even taken a small online course about being a daddy dom, it helped me actually see that Mia is born like that, with this mentally, that she is stuck at an age of a 2-4 year old, as in we should treat her like that.

Ddlg is very delicate, because if you don't punish, set rules and boundaries, know exactly what the little is comfortable with and his or her dislikes and likes and ofcourse aftercare.

Alas, ddlg is more than a kink, it is a lifestyle.

And if us, as doms don't make a stable routine of when to sleep when to eat when you play, and if we just get bored of my being daddy dom or mommy doms and take a "day of" our little can grow unstable with problems.

This is why, I made it my goal to study about this lifestyle, the most i can.

Despite me barely knowing Mia, I care for her too much, and I want her to grow being stable.

This is why, as I was laying beside Mia, doing some bills, I came up with the great idea, to start a blog.

I instantly jumped out of bed, ran to my study room, onto my desk, and opened my laptop and stared a blog.

After contemplating for over an hour for the name I typed "a dom's diary".

As for the bio, I wrote what exactly inspired by to make a blog.

"I am makenzie Rosa, a month ago, you would find me drowning myself in alcohol. However, recently, a life changing thing in the form of a tiny girl, changed my perspective of life.

Now, instead of beer, I am preparing formulas, worrying if my little princess took her medicine or had her nap.

Now, I am a Dom, aside two other men called greyson and Everest, to a beautiful little girl called mia, who has a headspace of a 2-3 year old.

For every man or women, who is looking at this page now, and thinking that "ddlg" or "mdlg" or "ddlb" or "mdlb" is kink, and is just for sexual purposes, exict, for all these are not links, but a life style.

This blog, will include daily problems, things I experience at home with my little and her other two daddies, to help new doms solve similar problems they have with thier little the right way."

"Daddy?" I heard a small voice call out.

I shut my laptop and made my way over to Mia.

"Hey there little on, you slept well?"

She mumbled something under her breath and reached out for me.

"Awh is my little girl feeling like a baby today?" I ask cooing.

My question feel to dead ears as she just layed her head down on my shoulder and stuck her finger in her mouth.

"Ew Ew baby girl, I'll get your binky," I say scrunching me noes.

I went downstairs and grey was sitting on the couch drinking some beer and watching the news.

I put her down gently on his lap to go get her binky, but she clung onto me, not letting go.

"Honey I gotta find your binky, I'll be back," I say moving some stray hair from her cheeks.

"Nu nu daddy," she said whinning at me.

"Alrighty, but just this time angel," I say while picking her up again.

I found her binky and rinsed it off, replacing it with her finger.

I then proceed to try, again, to place her on greysons lap to cook lunch, but she cried more and clinged more not letting go.

"Hun, you don't love me?" Said grey pouting.

But she did not give his question much attention, she still cried and whined.

"What's happening?" Grey said getting worried.

"I think this is gonna be tough few days," I said huffing .

"She is transitioning,"


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