Chapter Thirty

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I step through my front door with the intent of grabbing a few things while Liam sits in his car. Now that I need to stay with Liam, I'll have to pack a bag. I can't say I'm not nervous to stay at his house. I haven't stayed there in over five months which sounds crazy since he is my fiancé.

A cold breeze runs through the air and it makes me shiver. I look around for the cause and see that the French doors, located at the back of the living room, are wide open. Now, how could of those opened? I try to remember this morning to see if I locked them. Maybe, I didn't. The wind must have blown it open I think as I shut the door and make sure to lock it this time.

Walking to my bedroom I stop by the closet to get a bag to put the clothes into. Then, I walk to my closet and get a mixture of things: t-shirts, shorts, and dresses. I begin to fold the clothing items and put them into my bag. I check off the items I have in my head then go down the list to see what else I may need. Toothbrush and toothpaste are at Liam's already. Oh yeah. I turn around to go get the items I remembered and my blood runs colds.

Elijah is leaning against the door frame smirking. The look on my face only feeds into the smirk and now he is smiling.

"Hello, Brooklyn." He smiles cheerfully.

I don't say anything back and he cocks his head, studying me.

"I'm sorry I couldn't have a formal introduction at the flower store, but my nephew always did have the worse timing." He says.

"What do you want?" I ask with irritation in my voice.

"It's what I didn't get darling." He takes a step forward, making me stiffen worse.

I look around the room discretely in search of something to defend myself if he was to make a move. The lamp is too far away so that isn't an option. Then, I remember. Whenever Spencer first got here he just so happen to go through my purse and was very upset that I didn't have anything to defend myself. At the time I thought he was crazy, but now I'm thankful he gave me the pepper spray.

Swiftly I put my hand in my purse, which is located on the bed, and pull out the pepper spray. Then, I take off the cap before spraying it towards his eyes. It hits him with ease and he curses. I take this time to run out of the room before he recuperates.

My hand fiddles with the front door knob for just a second before I am grabbed and slammed to the ground. It brings on an immediate headache and my vision blurs. Elijah rubs his eyes and turns towards the door.

That's when I see it. The metal end of a revolver is sticking out of his jeans. He has a gun. My mind freezes at what he is here to do.

Taps on the door make Elijah curse once again. Please no, I silently sob.

Elijah walks to the door, meeting it in a couple strives, and to my horror, Liam is standing on the other side of the door frame. I shake my head hoping he would just leave, but we all know that the guys in every story have to be a hero.

"What is going on here?" He asks in confusion.

That's when Elijah grabs Liam forcefully by the arm and yanks him in. Liam falls to the floor in shock when his eyes meet mine. I see terror and fear of the uncertainty dance through his pupils.

My breathing hitches as I remember the gun. Not only is there a gun in this situation, but my fiancé is here in this deadly situation.

Elijah's demonic laugh pierces through the air and it makes me turn towards him. "If you don't want to listen to me then your loved ones will suffer."

My screams are almost as loud as the gun that goes off. I look towards Liam to see his face is scrunched as he groans in pain. Elijah shot him in the stomach.

"Don't go near him or I'll aim higher on you." He threatens.

I run to Liam anyways and put my hand on the wound, trying to make it stop bleeding.

"You need to start listening." Elijah huffs before pointing the gun at me.

That's when everything happens so fast. Spencer bursts through the door making Elijah jump and drop the gun. Then, Spencer is on top of him beating and bashing his face.

I keep my hand on Liam's gunshot wound until Spencer is beside me. I realize he is shirtless now as he moves my hand and applies the same pressure.

"Paramedics are on their way!" He shouts.

I can't answer him. Mentally or physically. My mind seems to go into overdrive as I register what is going on. Liam is shot. He is fighting for his life.

That's when I fall to the ground exhausted. The last thing I register is the paramedics coming through the door and one of them saying, "We are going to need another ambulance."

Then, I let my eyes close as darkness folds around me.

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