Missing you

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Hooney's hand sprawled on my belly feeling for that tiny speck of life growing in my womb. We lay in bed together enjoying the rarity of this moment we share together as though we're never going to get this opportunity once more.

"We're hardly ever together anymore." I moaned quietly.

Hooney slid a bit closer, his lips pressed on the temple of my head. "We're together right now."

"I know, but..."

Hooney tucked me in closer to his chest and buried his face on the crook of my neck. He breathes, and I felt the swarm of his hot breath tickled my neck. I squirmed while his hold only got tighter.

"So, what're we going to name the baby?" He murmured tenderly.

I gave it a thought and a hum. "Hmm, I haven't really thought about it. I just found out I'm pregnant."

"How about Jun for a boy and Rin for a girl?" He suggested softly, kissing my neck.

"Jun sounds good and so does Rin." I murmured back agreeing with him.

"What? No protest?"

"Why?" I turned over and faced him. "Those are good names."

"I just came up with them on a whim." He said.

"Sounds like something you'd do."

He kissed my lips. "We'll come up with better names together."


Li He stayed for a few days before making the trip back to the province's capital by himself. He needed to make it back if he were to be home to Jiaying by the weekend. Hooney joked about him being terrified of his wife and I made no comment - only smiling as I nod my head softly agreeing with the father of my soon to be baby.

"Really, Hui?" Li He exclaimed. "You agree with this..." He gestured his hand to Hooney without offering a glance.

"Well..." I shrugged. "Your wife is an abusive bitch." I murmured without feeling the slightest remorse with what I said.

Li He paled, his blood drained faintly from his already colorless face. He bit his lip. "I do care for her." A tinge of guilt laced his voice, dropping his eyes as he spoke. Li He couldn't meet my eyes.

"Go home, Li He," I said and strolled over to him, giving him a hug. I bore no hatred, nor grudge against him. I love my brother. Li He did his best, getting my life in order. Even though there was no obligation for him to do so. I was an illegitimate child. I was never told Li He and me has the same father, but I figured it out growing up.

I owe him his kindness and I wish to repay him one day. Li He didn't have to look after me, but he did out of his own concern.

His wife on another hand can rot in hell for all I care. "Tell Jiaying, I said hi."

Li He chuckled loosely. "Yeah, she'll definitely say hi back."

"Have you told her I'm fucking a noble right now?" My eyebrows rose, curling up a wicked smile.

Li He grimaced with repulsion. "Honestly, Hui. Why do you talk like that? You still have that trashy mouth of yours. Maybe lord Hooney outta spend some money hiring a coach teaching you proper manners. Wash your mouth perhaps." He paused and glared at me. The kind of scolding glare he used to give me when we were younger. "You're a concubine to a governor-general, ruler of Rooster province, you need to act like one. One day he'll take you to elegant parties and gatherings with him. You'll be shaking hands and bowing heads with prince and princesses. Think about your future place by his side. His father is the eighth prince for crying out loud."

I scoffed, "yeah, yeah...I feel like a polished gem."

An impatient groan, Hooney kicked his feet sending dust of billowing dirt in front of him. "You two act as you'll never see each other again. Get out of here Li He and let me have your sister back."

"Fine, fine." Li He grumbled and mounted on his mare, leading it towards the gate. I told him to be careful on his way back since he's traveling alone and he responded with... "Don't worry about me, I'm stronger than you think."

I smiled and said no more as I waved goodbye.

The following week kept us in a tranquil atmosphere. Hooney leeched around me like we were a newly married couple. I've forgotten how clingy he can get. Though I did not mind it one bit. I adored his affection and couldn't get enough of it.

We were sitting in the balcony one afternoon just enjoying the mild breeze of the trees around us when he gazes at me. His eyes were solemn and he spoke my name with heart-melting tenderness. "Hui." He began softly, and it didn't help that he looked so handsome at this perfect moment.

I returned his tenderness. "Yes?"

"I think it's safe for me to take you back home now." He paused to admire my reaction and I didn't disappoint him with my exaggerated gasp, and theatrical excitement.

"Really?" I threw myself to him while he caught me breaking into his wild laughter.

"Yes," his arms crawled around loosely on the small of my back, rubbing his palm on the thin fabric of my dress. "You're pregnant, and I don't want to leave you here by yourself to go through this alone. You should be with me in my main manor, so I could keep an eye on you during your pregnancy."

"Thank you." I murmured and kissed his lips.

"I promised you a place beside me, I'm making good on that promise. I want to take you home. I'm tired of this distance between us."

I broke into a smile. My eyes sheened with tears wanting to stream out. "I've missed you Hooney. I missed you every day."

"So did I, Hui. I've missed you so much."

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