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Remember when I said Kol's been out of the house lately? Well, when he came home around dinner, something felt odd. Kol was upstairs in his room, while the rest of us were eating in the dining area.

"Is it just me or...does Kol smell the same every time he gets back?" I asked.

"Love, we know you're pregnant but don't make smelling Kol a habit," Klaus stated with a smirk.

"No, seriously! He smells like the same girl every time!" I exclaimed.

"That's because he's being seeing someone," Tatia spoke up. We all looked at her as if she was insane. However, she had more to add, "While I was out, I saw Kol holding hands with a brunette. She seems nice,"

"Kol is going steady? Finally!" I squealed. I was tired of him bringing girls home and finding some bodies sprawled out on his bedroom floor. I hurriedly finished my dinner and demanded Klaus to take me upstairs to Kol's room. I pounded on his door, not missing a beat.

"Kol Mikealson! I need to speak with you!" I demanded. Klaus was rubbing my shoulders, his white Henley (that I stole since none of my clothes fit me) crinkled under his touch.

"What?" He asked, opening his door with an annoyed look on his face.

"Who is she?" I questioned, narrowing my eyes at him.

"What are you talking about?" Yet I did not miss the look in his eyes when I mentioned 'she'.

"Tatia saw you being cozy with a brunette," Klaus stated.

"Snitch," He hissed under his breath, "It's not what you—"

"I want to meet her," I cut him off snidely.

"She's not even—"

"Kol, you know you're not going to win this argument," I said, "You have been caught red-handed. Now, I suggest you bring her around for lunch or else I'm setting your video games on fire!"

"You wouldn't!"

"Try me." Kol sighed in defeat. He solemnly nodded, closing his door on us. Who knew his games mattered to him more? Yet, it made me think about what kind of girl Kol picked up. He's annoying, ruthless, irresponsible, childish, playboy—it's a miracle this girl isn't fed up with his attitude.


The next day, Kol left the house bright and early. I demanded the house be cleaned—no dust in sight. I ordered Elijah and Tatia to stay in the house because I want the whole family to witness Kol bring a girl home.

At around 11 am, I heard heels clicking against the floor. I knew it was the girl with Kol's footsteps joining hers. I met them half-way, wearing a floor-length maternity sundress, gifted by Klaus this morning. Actually, a whole van full of maternity clothes pulled up in our house this morning. Apparently, Klaus was getting tired of me stealing his shirts for 6 months that he had shipped a few pieces from Greece.

 Apparently, Klaus was getting tired of me stealing his shirts for 6 months that he had shipped a few pieces from Greece

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"Persephone!" Kol exclaimed, "We could've gone to the dining area ourselves,"

"Knowing you, she wouldn't make it past the foyer," I stated. I scanned the girl up and down, confirming Tatia's assumption. The girl did seem nice with her doe-eyes and brunette hair. She looked no older than 18 years yet there was something about her that seemed...powerful.

"Hi! You must be Persephone," She greeted with her hand outstretched. I grabbed it, gently pulling her into a hug, whispering, "Nod once if Kol is compelling you to be here,"

"For your information, she's not compelled!" Kol protested, pulling her away from me as the girl giggled in his arms, "She's actually a witch,"

"Interesting," I muttered, "How did you meet Kol?"

"I slammed him against the wall using my powers when he tried flirting with my friend," She answered proudly.

I smiled, saying, "I like you! No wonder Kol does too,"

Kol groaned, saying, "Is it even healthy for you standing for this long?"

"I'm pregnant, not disabled," I growled. I turned to the girl, asking, "What did you say your name was?"

"My name's Davina. Davina Claire," 

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