Chapter Twelve (Edited)

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After the incident with Jessica, Noah refused to talk to any of the other nobel women. After Jessica left the room Noah looked at me and apologized for Jessica's behavior, before running straight up to his room. Giving no one an explanation as to why the sudden change of mood.

After hearing the news, the Queen automatically left the table to most likely go and reprimand her son. Leaving all the guests in a state of confusion.

The party continued on, but I and a few others were allowed to leave early to finish the chores that are required to be done in the evening. The final chore I'm on is to hang up the freshly folded towels into each bathroom.

All I have left is to do is put the towels in the distant family's rooms. I have been dreading this, but I pray that they are continuing being entertained downstairs, so I don't have to have any interaction with them.

I grab a few nicely pressed and folded towels, and knock on the first door. I hold my breath, hoping that I won't be bothering anybody.

A second goes by.

And then another.

And then... the door opens.

There stands the one man that came along with the two other females of the distant family. He seems as if he was getting ready for bed, wearing only his boxers. He looks at me in disgust as he eyes me up and down.

"Why the hell do you guys keep bothering me?"

Assuming he is talking about other servants, I keep my head down and hold out the towels, hopping he will just take them so I can leave.

The door opens up more, and I bring my head up a bit to see him walking away. "Make it fast," he says with his back turned to me while motioning to the bathroom for me to go and hang up the towels.

I walk quickly across his room, trying to get this over with as soon as possible. I make my way into the bathroom, and hang up the perfectly folded towels. Luckily, the old ones already have been picked up to be cleaned and folded, so I don't have to worry about that. I look over the bathroom quickly, just to make sure there is nothing out of place.

"Maid! Draw me a bath!" I hear the man say from the bedroom.

I sigh, annoyed with how incapable he must be for not being able to turn on and off water. But then, I must remind myself that this is what I am getting paid for. No matter how little that amount may be. So, I turn on the water, making sure it is at a warm enough temperature and go to the cupboard and grab some essential oils to put in the tub.

After turning off the water, I leave the room with no other word from the man. As soon as the door closes, I take a deep breath, happy that I got in and out without a problem.

After composing myself I grab my cart with my towels and move down the hallway to go to the next room. The next room being one of the two women of the distant family.

Before I make it to the room though, I hear a door open behind me. I turn around and see the man I just hung up towels for. He's walking straight towards me with the angriest face I have ever seen.

I fear he is coming to reprimand me for the water being too cold or too hot, so drop my head, but as soon as I do so I feel his hands cup under my chin and force my head up to look him in the eyes.

"Where the hell is my watch?" He asks through clenched teeth.

My mouth stays closed, knowing it's best not to respond unless being allowed to.

"Answer me!" He screams, with spit hitting me in the face.

"I don't know, sir," I whisper, just hoping that he will go away so I can finish my job.

"You don't know," he laughs out. For a split second, I thought he was going to let go, but instead he pushes me to the ground.

I look up and see him staring down at me saying, "Where. Is. My. Watch." The only answer I have for him is the truth, so I shake my head. I'm too scared to answer him verbally, but whatever answer I give him will only fuel the fire that he is right now.

I wish I was strong. I wish I could stand up to this man and confidently tell him to never lay his hands on me again. Though every fiber of my being is telling me to do so, I can't. I can't lose this job or my life. Mother would be left with nothing and no one. I can't be the one to damn her to that type of life.

The next thing I feel is pain and a throbbing in my left eye. Tears immediately make their way to my eyes, before I have a chance of knowing what is going on.

"If you don't want another one, you better tell me where my watch is now," He says while cupping my chin again and holding my face close to his.

This time I can't stop the sob that comes out of my mouth as I say, "I don't know, sir."

He sighs in disgust as he looks at me. He throws my head back causing me to stumble, but before I have a chance to brace myself a hard kick makes it's way to my stomach.

I end up in fetal position, trying to stop the tears from coming out of my throbbing eye and trying ease some of the pain. The man is now walking away, leaving me in the place of suffering he wants me to be in.

I stay there for a few minutes, trying to gather myself, and I know that it is time for me to get up before anyone finds me. But I can't seem to lift my body off of the ground. Like I have suddenly turned into lead. Painful lead.


I cringe knowing that I have been caught and will probably be reprimanded once again. But I'm not sure what type of punishment I would get in this type of condition.

I lift my heavt head up to see Noah rushing towards me with worry in his eyes.

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