Chapter 12

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Abhinay pov

" You are an asshole dude..!!" Vinay snapped as soon as we entered into my study room.

I ignored him and calmly sat on the chair beside the desk and started shuffling some paperworks which were kept on my desk. My anger was now calm a slight bit but now his behaviour has started annoying me all the more.

" What !? Nothing to say? You stupid bastard, why are you punishing that innocent girl!?" Vinay once again snapped making my eyes to snapped at him as I kept a blank expression over my face.

" I told you, you could enjoy a rain party with her but it was your loss, so shut up and concentrate on the work. I --" I was cut off by him.

" Shut up you dumbass..!! It's too much now..!! Now go and free Tara this instant. Atleast see the weather conditions. She was sleeping so peacefully just a moment ago, but you asshole just had to fucked up everything. She was scared---"

" SHUT UP VINAY!!" I yelled at him. My anger again rising by only hearing her name.

" I WILL NOT SHUT UP !!" He raised his voice much higher than me, making my calmness starting to slip through me.

" Just get out!!" I said as calmly as I could as I mustered all the strength to throw away my anger. I clearly don't want to start any arguement. I was having a lot on my plate and I don't want to stress myself anymore.

" No I will not. Just go and free her from those stupid ropes. I don't want her to be sick."

I raised an eyebrow at him as suspicions started to swirl in my eyes.

" You don't want? Why? Do you have feeling for her by any chance?" I asked him suspiciously.

He scoffed, much to my annoyance.

" You know!! You are an idiot, bastard!! Just because I care for her, doesn't mean I have some sort of feelings for her. You asshole!!" he snapped.

Meanwhile Viraj was sitting on the couch and was busy in reading a magazine like it didn't matter to him whatever happening over here.

" Viraj!! Can't you see what's happening here? You are just busy in reading magazines. Can't you see-" I was cut off by him again.

" What Abhi.! What did I do now?" He asked with an innocent look over his face. Huh? What's happening here? This asshole...!! why this asshole is giving me that kind of expression? Innocent and he !? Haha .. That would be a joke of a decade.

" Why are you giving me that kind of expression?" I asked, pursing my lips in a thin line as I looked at him intently.

" What?" He asked looking a me with confused eyes.

I ignored him and looked at vinay again, only to find his jaws clenched.

" Boss or whatever. Go and free her this instant." He ordered me with a scowl etching his face, and annoyance written all over his face, same like me! How dare he? But alas! these assholes are my friends. I don't want them to get hurt any chance by me.

" I am not going to do anything." I said as I completely ignored him.

" Abhi! I think it was your fault now." My head snapped to Viraj who started speaking this time, "See!! this girl.... Ok! I don't have any problem with her except that she was an intruder. But boss!! whatever punishment you just gave is not right. We haven't found any evidences against her being involved in any of our rivals. And...And she.." I cut him off.

" And what?" I snapped.

" She looks innocent and hell irritating to me." He said calmly.

" She will be tied till the evening. It is her punishment. Punishment for defying me !! She should know I am not the one to be messed up. It is just an easy punishment for her. She would endure till evening. Now! I don't want any defencive comment for that stupid idiotic girl. That's final.'' I declared and put my mind on the paperworks in front of me, ignoring the presence of two fools whom I called my friends.

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