Chapter Thirty-nine

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Gloria slowly slides the zipper up my behind as I stand there with my hair and makeup done. This is it. I am getting married in thirty minutes. I will be a wife in thirty minutes.

Gloria steps back and smiles. I am standing in front of a mirror and looking at the gorgeous dress I picked out months ago. I honestly forgot what it looked like. Lace sleeves decorate my arms and light beading covers the dress. Now, I remember why I fell in love with this dress. I heard my mother in my heart say that this is the one for me. Only if she was here to help me on this special day.

A tear escapes my eye just thinking about how my parents won't be here. I haven't seen my dad in forever and my mom isn't able to be here at all. Everything I dreamed about since I was five years old is coming true, but I don't have my mother or father to share is with.

"Dear, don't cry." Gloria smiles and her eyes meet mine through the mirror.

"I wish she was here," I whisper.

Gloria grabs my veil and slides it into the back of my updo. "I know sweetheart. She would say you are the most beautiful bride."

Then, she laughs. "I wish I had a daughter to help her on her wedding day so, thank you for letting me help you."

"Your welcome, mom." I smile as I turn around and hug her.

"Can you give me a second?" She cries before getting a tissue and leaving the room.

Whenever I called her that yesterday she got emotional as well. I think it means a lot to her to be called mom.

I turn back towards the mirror and look at myself. She is right. I do look stunning. My tanned skin is a great contrast to the white that the lace sleeves are made out of. My ocean blue eyes are framed with long eyelashes. My makeup is neutral, but it still looks stunning. Everything about this day is stunning. People are happy. Why do I feel like I am making a mistake?

I shake away the thought as a knock on my door gets my attention. "Come in," I yell

Grayson's head peeks through the door and his eyes light up when he sees me. "You look amazing." He smiles.

"Thank you, Grayson." I smile back.

"I just came to wish you the best." He walks into the room and sits on a cream sofa. I go to sit next to him.

"Are you here to ask about Tori?" I question.

"Is it that obvious?" He blushes out of embarrassment.

"Kind of." I laugh.

"How is she?" He looks me in the eyes and I know that he wants to know.

"She is good." I leave out the pregnancy because I don't think she wants me to tell him.

He glances down at his lap. "That's good."

"Congratulations on the internship in Hollywood." I smile.

"Thank you. I don't know if I want to come back though. I'm getting a little homesick." He mumbles.

"If I were you I would stay. I think Hollywood is the best thing for you right now." I say truthfully.

"Thank you, Brooklyn. For everything you have done for me." He hugs me and I immediately hug back.

Then he flashes in my mind again and I just have to know.

"Spencer," I mumble. "Is he here?"

He pulls back and frowns. "He didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?" I question.

"Spencer is getting on a plane in about forty minutes to head back to New York." He whispers.

My throat feels clogged and I can't seem to utter a word. I don't want him to go. I want him to stay. I want him to be with me.

Tori opens the door and freezes once she sees Grayson. She recuperates fast and clears her throat.

"They are ready for you Brooklyn." She smiles.

"I better go find my seat then." Grayson stands and I stand as well. We hug one last time before heading towards the door.

Tori moves out of his way and walks into the room. "I thought he was in California."

"He came back for my wedding day." I smile at her and look her up and down.

Her rose gold, off the shoulder dress, look gorgeous and is paired with her curled blonde hair.

She smiles at the compliment. "Are you ready?" I can't help, but notice that she doesn't make eye contact with me.

"I guess I have to be," I mumble.

Spencer invades my mind like a drug. I am addicted to him and can't get enough. I don't know if I can do that. Every step we take I am closer and closer to saying I do. I just don't know if I can truly say it now. Spencer. Spencer. Spencer. His name chants in my mind and I want to do is run. Run to him and never look back.

We walk outside and I see the old barn that I fell in love with. It is still the same as I remember.

I hear the light hum of a piano as Tori leaves me and heads down the aisle. Chairs are arranged on both sides and they contain some of my family, but mostly it is Liam's.

I look up to the clouds. Mom, I don't think I can do this I say in my mind. And I swear I hear her voice again. The same cheerful voice that I fell asleep to as a child. Go with your heart sweetie.

The music becomes louder and everyone stands from their seats. Liam is down the aisle and he looks dashing in his black tux. His eyes flash love and I am beginning to freak out. I can't do this.

Spencer's face crashes through my mind. His touch. His smile. Everything about him makes me happy.

Sure, it hasn't been the easiest journey, but love isn't supposed to be a walk in the park. There are challenges along the way and those are the things that test your love. I love him. I love Spencer King.

I look back to the sky and see a white plane flying up ahead. I have to go with my heart. So, I drop the flowers and run back inside. Now, I only have one thing left on my mind. Spencer.

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