Chapter Forty

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I leave Brooklyn and begin to walk down the aisle. My eyes glance up to meet Liam's and I immediately look away. I don't want to see him get married. I like him so much, but I just haven't been able to tell him or Brooklyn. What the hell would I say to Brooklyn?

Once I get to my spot, on the other side of the groomsmen, I turn to look at her. She seems freaked out. That's when she drops her flowers and runs back inside. What could she be doing?

Everyone begins talking about what just happened. I look towards Liam and he is stood frozen.

"I'll be back." I excuse myself before running in after her.

Once I get back to the room, her dress in on the floor with a note resting on top of it. I pick it up and read.

Dear Liam,

I am sorry to do this now, but if I don't then I would be lying to both of us. I wish you the best.


I sit on the cream sofa in disbelief. She is going to Spencer, but I overheard Grayson saying Spencer is leaving and he isn't here. She is going to fight for him as he did for her.

A jolt of joy sparks through me at the thought of Liam being single. I can pursue things with him now.

He walks into the room as if he read my thoughts and sits beside me.

"Is that her dress?" He mumbles.

"Yeah," I say and show him the note.

"Who is the guy?" He questions.

"Spencer King," I say. I'm done lying to him. I think it's his time to know about everything.

"I knew something was going on." He whispers.

"More than something was going on Liam. They slept together and had a secret affair." The words leave my mouth before my brain can process.

His eyes meet mine and they widen is horror. "Oh."

"That explains a lot. Fuck." He curses.

He puts his face in his and I find myself putting my hand on his shoulder. The least I can do is comfort him. But, I feel bad. I feel bad that I didn't tell him sooner. It would save him from the embarrassment of his bride leaving.

"I'm sorry," I mumble.

He looks at me and fires flashes through his eyes. "No, I'm sorry."

"For what." I meet his eyes and I want to look away from all the intensity.

"I wasn't the only one lying about my feelings." He moves quickly and his lips are hungrily against mine.

I kiss back and smile against his lips. This is what I wanted from the start. I didn't want Grayson or Dillon. The only person I want is Liam.

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