Chapter Forty-one

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I am running fast into the automatic doors of the airport. When I ran off, I just had enough time to take off the wedding dress, veil, and put on a t-shirt and shorts before running out and get in the taxi.

I had to pay extra because I had to rush the driver here. I kept saying how important it is and it is very important for me to go to him. I just hope I'm not too late. Please, I need him.

I don't know what I would do if he already boarded the plane.

I begin to walk, but at a fast pace once I get looks from the people around me. Memories of us come back to me. The time we talked at the dock. When we made love for the first time in a long time. How sweet he was to me.

I love Spencer and I'm mad at myself for taking this long to realize it. Why do I have to be so stupid all the time? I didn't fight for him when he left for the first time and I regret that. He came back. He came back to fight for me and I didn't realize what was in front of me until now. I'm fighting for him now, but I don't know if now it too late.

I keep walking fast then stop as I glance at the screen with eager eyes. New York is written under the boarding section and I sigh in relief. I glance down at my feet and smile. I'm not too late.

I then glance back up at the board and see that the flight, which was under boarding two seconds ago, has now moved to take off. I am too late.

I want to cry. Most importantly I want Spencer.

I sit down in a chair as tears pool at my eyes. Please come back. Please. I place my face in my hands and sob silently.

If he were here I would jump into his arms and kiss the life out of him. I just want to be in his arms.

"Brooklyn?" I hear the familiar deep voice.

I look up and see him. His green eyes look tired. Am I dreaming? I think I am.

"Spencer?" I question. Spencer. Spencer. Spencer. His name repeats over and over in my brain.

It is him. He is here. I find myself running up and jumping into his arms. They catch me with ease. My lips attack his and he gasps in surprise at first but recovers quickly. I love this. I love his touch. His taste. Everything about him drives me wild. He pulls back seconds later and breaths hard.

"What are you doing here?" He questions and his eyes search mine for answers.

"I couldn't go through with it. I love you so much and I couldn't marry another man." I breathe hard and slowly get off of him.

"Why would you leave a good guy?" His eyes search mine for answers that I may not even know myself.

"Over the past few months, life has been crazy. You crashed into a brick wall that was my plan. I had everything set for the rest of my life and when you came back I found myself questioning everything." I start, trying to find the right words. "From the beginning, I found myself giving more and more to you and I just couldn't stop. I just hate that it took me this long to surrender. I love you. Spencer, I love you so much!"

His lips are on mine again and I lose myself in him. Everything about him drives me insane. I can't think straight when he is around. My words get all mixed like alphabet soup.

"I love you too." He breathes.

And just like that, the world ceased to exist and it was just Spencer and me.

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