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July 30, 2018:

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July 30, 2018:

I always wanted to write a novel on Wattpad. Something no one has thought of or read before.

I hope by the end of this book I brought you on an emotional roller coaster. From forbidden kisses to heartbreaks this story has it all. But, before you finish this story I want to thank you and tell you my journey on Wattpad.

At first, I was a reader just like you. Chasing Red by @isabelleronin was one of the first few stories I read. It was an amazing book and then I got to thinking. Could I do this too? Make an amazing story with a plot and characters that make you want to read it over and over again.

Before I wrote Until the Final I Do I had a few other books I tried to write. Both never got over ten chapters because I didn't have the inspiration and drive to keep writing. That is almost what happened to this book, but then The Kissing Booth movie came out and it got me inspired again. It made me think of the possibilities and what my story could become. Bringing characters to life then watching them on the big screen is a dream I have. Even though it is rare for authors to get a movie deal I will always have the dream.

Writing has become an escape for me now. It completely blurs out the real world and I can only focus on my characters. It's the one time a day that I can lay on my bed, with my cat at the end of the bed, listen to some music, and just write. When I am in my novel I don't have homework to worry about or the drama of real life. It is now bittersweet that I have only eight chapters left.

Now that I am entering the last few chapters of this book I want to say thank you. Thank you for sticking with me through the slow updates and through the time that I wasn't going to continue Brooklyn and Spencer's story. It was around chapter seven that I didn't have the drive to finish and see what this could become.

Even if you weren't with me since posting chapter one I still want to thank you. Thank you for loving these characters as much as I have and for commenting and even voting on this story. It's those people that really make me want to keep writing.

Now, I have been asked if there will be a second book. I have thought about the possibility of making a second book, but I don't think there will be. After Until the Final I Do, I will still be coming out with unique stories for you all. I actually have two new books that are in the works as soon as this book is complete.

I will release the new cover for that book soon, but I think I have talked (or typed) enough. I will let you get back to reading the last few chapters of Until the Final I Do!

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