I guess this is it? (Epilogue)

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Harry POV

"So you're saying.. that you guys are really dating?"  the interviewer asked, and I can feel Louis on my hand as he shifted comfortably with a smile as we both nodded. The audience gasped once more looking at both of us. "YEAH LARRY STYLINSON!!" someone screamed, and both of us chuckled. "You guys were always the best at predicting." I respond while pointing at all of them. The whole stage felt like it shook when all of them squealed at the same time.

The interviewer tried silencing them, but it only seemed to get even louder. Niall winced, and so did the rest of us. Paul lead us to the screaming fans. And yes, it got to the point. We all wheezed when we got in the van trying to grasp for air. We were okay within minutes. "Well that was crazy huh?" Louis nudged me, and I nodded while chuckling.

"Well atleast it's official as of right now. I'm so proud of you boys!~" Liam gushed and we both slapped him lightly on the side of his face. He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms looking away. It would've been believable until I saw a big smirk on his face and amusement on his eyes.

"Management can't do anything about it now.." Niall stated while fist pumping in the air. Zayn patted his mate's shoulders lightly indicating that he's proud of him. "So where to now?" I asked them, and they looked at me with Liam's irritating smirk. "Paul, can you make reservation to The Palm for two please?" Liam muttered, and we both gasped.

"What are--" "Oh shush Harry, You guys barely get proper dates nowadays.." Zayn said while rolling his eyes while he slung an arm around Liam. We arrived at a hotel within minutes. "Get ready guys." Louis warned eyeing all of us in all seriousness. "Wait" Niall said while reaching something from his pocket. He then wore his shades then smiled brightly. "Now I'm ready." he nodded as we each filed in one by one blinded by the lights of the many cameras flashing.

"Niall look here." "Over here Harry!" "Louis what ever happened to Eleanor?" "Liam your so gorgeous!!" the voices boomed one by one making our ears pop in sync. We smiled and wave to the cameras. 10 body guards came to our aid and carefully lead us in. Some try to sneak in, but they were pushed back.

"Over here One Direction!" a blonde woman called out to us, and we nodded while heading in to the front desk. "So 5 rooms?" she asked us, and Louis shook his head. "Just 4." he told her, while he glazed his eyes on me. The rest of the boys snorted silently. The woman heard it seeing as she had keen hearing and eyed us curiously. The boys just shrugged, and me and Louis rolled our eyes.

We were each given a key card for our stay, and were told that a spare card is there if we ever needed it. "Thank you." I told her and she said something too low for us to hear. I think it was something about Louis having a nice ass.. but I guess I'm just hearing things.

*************************After they settled in***************************

"WOW! THIS PLACE HAS EVERYTHING!" Louis screamed on the top of his lungs as he jumped up and down the king size bed. "Oi you're going to break it!" I joked, and he slowly pouted, and sat down into a huge plop after his last jump. "You know I was just joking right?" I asked him as he got up and hugged me while placing soft kisses on my temples.

My heart raced by his very touch and he knows it. I groaned and pushed him down the bed and arched myself looming over him. I can see how much he's blushing within the shade I am casting over him. His light tan reveals a little tint of red, and his glossy plump pink lips were just a shade darker.

Ever since our little talk, he hasn't hesitated on telling me the truth about almost everything. The lads claim that I made him blunt, but what can I do? That's the only way we can stay truthful with each other. Can they blame us for wanting the no more fights? It's getting a little too troublesome that me and him both agreed that we should just remain truthful with each other, and stick to that.

"I've never actually been comfortable so at peace in my life." Louis whispered while pecking my lips, and I gasped that he has read my mind. He has been doing that lately and somehow it's getting really irritating depending on the situation that happens everyday.

"Stop reading my mind you twat!" I poked his head lovingly, and he stuck his tounge out, and started stripping down to his boxers. "Let's just go to bed alright?" he asked while yawning and stretching. I nodded, and did the same. My eyes closed feeling the jetlag take over once again. Its 3 pm in the morning, and we felt tired from all this. Only sleep can distort our visions temporarily.

Louis POV

I planned to talk to him just a little bit about random subjects with no point whatsoever, but once his head hit those pillows, his eyes fluttered close, and he clung close to me wrapping his entire frame all over my body.

His legs were entangled with mine, his head leaned on my shoulders, while his arm were on my chest. I was about to sleep until his snores started once more echoing loudly throughout the whole room. "Idiot." I whispered playfully into his ears, and he groaned again followed by a chuckle as if he heard me.

I thought that I wasn't going to fall asleep, but my eyes simply didn't obey, and the dreams took over.

**Inside Louis' dream**

"HARRY WAIT!" I called out while I chase after the lad. I can feel my pace fastening and my muscles suddenly aching in protest. Everything felt fine until parts of my body started detoriating, and I felt like a zombie in a real-life movie. "HARRY!" I called out again feeling only half of of my body still intact.

Harry whipped his head in my direction, and his eyes widened when he saw me. "LOUIS DON'T DISAPPEAR!!" he called out, and I tried to reassure him but my jaw is already on it's way from breaking apart. Tears dripped down my eyes as my eyes slowly fluttered close. Sorry Harry I thought .

**End of Dream**

I woke up screaming, and Harry at my side trying to ease me down. 'What happened?" he croaked while patting my back. "I don't know...just a bad dream." I mumbled while holding my head. What the hell was the purpose of that? Its surely nothing right? right. I tried convincing myself but failed horribly.

When I finally eased down, Harry asked me what the dream was about, and I told it to him in clear detail, and he gasped a little while holding me close. The alarm then suddenly rang, and we were at our feet at once. "Crap, the date." he sighed, and offered the bathroom to me first.

**After they got ready**

Harry POV

"You ready to go?" I asked him, as he finished up his suit looking stark handsome from head-to-toe. He smiled at me lovingly, and took my awaiting hand. The Palm was literally a stop light away from us, and we were grateful for it.

We saw nothing of the boys as we headed out, and we instantly knew they wanted to make this special. When we came out, the sky was now a dark shade of blue. I silently held his hand as we strolled in, an almost empty street. Except the restaurant of course.

As we crossed the stop light, I noticed that I dropped they key card on the side, and I went in to grab it seeing as theres 30 seconds left. Now I wasn't aware of this, but headlights suddenly popped in infront of me, and Louis tackled me to the side. I landed metres away from the road feeling a concussion coming along. Louis looked at me with a pool of blood dripping from his body.

I tried to get up and help him, but my body won't obey. The blackness simply took over without warning. What the hell!?!?!?


BOOM! ENDED! Surprise guys!! I said that it ended but there's a sequel also ;)!! I came up with it last  night that I barely got sleep because of it. Enjoy my little cliffhanga ending :P

P.S  the preview of the next series is to be uploaded later in the day, and it''s called Our Moments check it out!!

Lotsa love

~Cam xxox

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