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Later that evening, adviser Li He was summoned to the governor-general's office by the mistress of the manor, mistress Niang.

Li He had slipped back into the formal attire that he thought he retired for the evening. It was already late and his energy had already waned down ready for his hot bath and a nice long uninterrupted stupor.

He wondered what could be so important that a summon was sent to him almost in the middle of the night. And why is it the mistress who summoned him instead of the governor-general?

He meandered over to the Hooney's office and sucked a lungful of breath before knocking. "This is adviser Li He." He murmured quietly behind the door. "I'm here as summoned."

"Yes, come in." Said the sultry voice from the other side of the room.

Li He slid the door open, only to find out there was not a single lantern lending the room with proper illumination. He squinted his eyes trying to adjust to the blind darkness. He could barely see anything, much less detect the mistress inside the office.

"Excuse me, it is a bit dark in here."

"Why don't you come in, slide the door shut, and I'll light up a candle."

Li He's heart rate jumped into a pulsing combination of excitement and dread. There are only two possibilities with this situation, he's either here to get seduced or be interrogated by the mistress.

He stepped inside the room, and with crippling slowness, slid the door shut.

Li He might be a decent husband these days, but he had quite a lot of fun before his marriage tied him just to one woman.

There was a scratching noise and a single match lit up with flame dancing on the tip of its head. Niang transferred the fire on the lantern while her luxurious face became visible behind its fire.

"Mistress." Li He croaked quietly, his eyes helplessly drifted to the plunging neckline of her erotic nightgown. Her nipples erected and clearly visible behind the thin fabric of her clothes. He swallowed and hoped her eyes don't find the slowly hardening muscle between his legs.

"Come closer." She purred and twisted a seductive smile much like a succubus luring an innocent man.

Li He did not hesitate upon coming closer, he paused leaving a few inches of gap between them. "What can I do for you, mistress?"

Niang shifted back and purposely spread her legs slightly open, a little tease she offered that worked wonderfully, snagging Li He's attention.

He smiled, his eyes glittered reflected by the flame.

"Closer." She purred.

He closed all the distance separating him and her and pressed his thigh in between her legs. "Is this close enough for you?" He murmured.

Niang leaned over, her hands draped around his hips and tugged him even closer. She looked up and met his starved eyes. "You know, you're quite a handsome man, and so successful at such a very young age. Such a shame you're wasting your affection on my husband's concubine." She paused, her fingers brushed lazily up and down his back. "You can do better, you know."

He groaned, his stiff length now fully erected.

"I know you want me." Niang purred.

Li He withdrew back and sucked a calming breath. He bent over and squatted staring at her daring eyes. He made sure his voice is gentle as he spoke, trying to lessen the blow of his upcoming rejection. "As much as I want to fuck you right now, I'm afraid I can't do it. Believe me, I really want to. I think you'll show me a great time. A woman brave enough to seduce a man inside her husband's office gotta have a lot of nerves. But, I've worked hard to get where I am right now, and I cannot afford to mess it up over my lord's seductive wife."

Niang's face twisted with a nasty scowl. She kicked Li He in the chest which sent him to the floor. "You coward!" She hissed. "You either fuck me, or I'm telling Hooney about you and that skank!"

Li He pushed himself up, along with the rest of his dignity. "I'm afraid there's nothing going on between me and concubine Hui. You can tell lord Hooney anything you want. You'll find out that he'll ignore whatever implication you might produce."

"Do you think, I'm blackmailing you? I can destroy you and your career easily."

Li He breathed. "I'm afraid it'll do my career more damage if I were to fuck the duke's wife inside his office. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to my quarter and masturbate."

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