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"Every time you kiss me, I get a taste of heaven

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"Every time you kiss me, I get a taste of heaven."

{slightly smutty and this is my first time so bare with me, this is awkward enough :,) also not edited}

- IF STEVE HAD to pick his favorite thing to do with you; it would be kissing. He loved doing other things with you - late night drives, watching movies together, or just simply being in each other's company was enough for you both. You two couldn't go a day without seeing one another, he adored you, and you as well.

Steve laid on your chest, sleeping peacefully as you played with his messy, wavy hair, reading a book. Times like this, you wish that it could last forever, the bliss that filled her heart made you smile wide. Steve woke up with a groan, opening his sleepy eyes slowly, grinning as he saw you reading your favorite book - you of course reading it for the fifth time. He pulled the book away, earning him a pout from you.

"Hey, why did you do that? It was my favorite part," You said, placing your hands on his smooth cheeks, rubbing a thumb smoothly against his warm skin. He leaned into your palms, humming at the feeling.

"Oh, c'mon you've read it so many times, I'm sure you memorized it by now, love," He teased, crawling on top of you, smirking. You blushed, swallowing hard. "Besides, wouldn't you like to do something more fun?" Steve leaned in, his nose brushing against yours, his hands rubbing patterns, his fingertips leaving goosebumps. You gave in, pulling him down to you, his soft lips meeting yours.

At first, Steve kissed you like you were made of glass; sweet and delicate, but the more you tugged on his locks of hair, the more rough he began to take you in. You moaned softly as he bit your lip, the slight pain turning into sweet pleasure. Steve left love marks down your neck, sucking on your sweet spot before moving up back to your needy lips.

"God, (y/n), the things you do to me," He whispered in your ear, making you shiver underneath his burning body. Steve liked seeing you like this; a mess as he made you feel amazing, making you feel like the only girl in the world.

"Steve," Saying his name desperately made him growl, pulling your shirt over your head, his fast hands traveling down to the waist band of your sweatpants. Your breath hitched as his hand slipped in, teasingly touching your soaking underwear. Now, you couldn't help but let out a whimper when his finger brushed your clit, his lips immediately attacking yours.

You squirmed, trying to at least create some friction, but Steve wanted to take it slow. Having enough, Steve slipped his hand in, allowing a finger slip in through your folds. You moaned into his chest, feeling the heat pool into your core. Steve sucked on your neck, smiling against your skin.

"Already wet, doll?" He began to go slow, pumping only softly, the teasing coming once again, much to your dismay. Steve chuckled darkly.

"Let me give you a taste of heaven, love."

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i apologize this is terrible but i have never written smut so i tried lol. like this is bad, but oh well? someone give me tips okay 😂 i need help.

but like imagine though OOF

ill go home.

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