This is why I Don't Socialize ( 20 )

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Ty cradled me in his arms as we and the others made are way to the infirmary followed by our dragons.

However when we arrived there wasn't much left.

The brunet wood and shattered glass covered the ground leaving only an unstable and caved in building soaked in black ash.

Ty sighed heavily and sat me down gently.

"Search the area for anything medical supplies that are usable," Ty ordered.

The others spread out I went to stand but Ty stopped me.

"No, stay here."

"Why my legs fine."

"You need to rest. Please stay here."

"Fine," I said crossing my arm over my chest like a child.

"Thank you," He said with a small smile as he walked away to join the others.

I sat down waiting for the others to return. When they did Ray was the only one that had found supplies that were useful. A half-burned roll of bandages. He handed it to Ty who sighed and shoved it in his pocket.

"Alright go to your cabin and see if they're still standing, gather your things and we'll meet back here for camp."

Once again the team left and headed in different directions. I stood up and this time Ty allowed me, but he still stayed but my side as well walked to my cabin.

"Are you good? I can carry you again if you like?"

"No, I'm fine. You don't have to worry about me.

"Well, any sane person would worry if they saw one of their friends get eaten by a giant plant."

"True." I laughed.

We arrived at my cabin and it wasn't in much better shape than the infirmary.

"I'll help you look for anything that survived the fire," Ty said placing his hand on my shoulder giving a reassuring smile.


As we searched the burned-down cabin something a small glare caught my eye. I walked over to it and pulled it out of the rubble. When I cleaned it off I realized that it was my shield. So this is where I left it.

"Larisa, what's this?" Ty asked coldly.

I rose and turned to face him. When I did my chest grew heavy as I saw what he had in his hands.

Sardis's note.

How the hell did that thing survive the dam fire? This is just my luck.

"When did he give this to you?" He said his tone holding no emotion.

"When we first meet the night you found me," I explained.

"And you keep it... why?"

"I don't know. Frankly, I had forgotten about it."

"Well, you kept it so I guess you'll want it back", He said as he put it in my hands.

I looked down at the paper in my hand and stared at it for a moment before I crushed in my first and set it ablaze turning it into nothing but ash.

When I looked up at Ty I could that he was pleased but his face held no emotion.

"We should head back and group up with the others," Ty said as he started walking back towards the infirmary.

When we returned the others and their dragons were waiting for us. By the looks of things, Ray and Jason had gone and gathered some firewood for Alex who was attempting to start a fire. However, he wasn't getting very far.

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