Thunder and Lightning ( 21 )

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The Deceiver held me by my neck against the tree as Sardis walked over to the tied up and bloody Ty.

The gag in his mouth perverted him from speaking but his eyes hung to the ground as Sardis neared him.

Sardis grabbed him by the hair and harshly pulled his head up so Ty's eyes landed on me.

"Well brother look who decided to join us," Sardis whispered in Ty's ear.

When Ty's eyes fell on me he started to fight against the ropes that bound him. He tried to speak but his words were muffled by the gag.

"Relax brother. I have no plans of hurting her....yet."

Yet Ty still continued to struggle against his bonds. His action only made Sardis laugh.

In the sky, thunder rolled and lightning crackled against the night sky.

"Easy brother", Sardis said pointing to the sky," We still have your dragon."

Ty dropped his head as the sky grew silent.

"That's what I thought." Sardis laughed as he made his way to me.

Sardis opened his hand as his sword appeared from the shadows.

"Hello, again my dear. It begins a time sent we last spoke." He said smirking at me.

I attempted to curse him however the deceiver's grip stopped me. Only a gasp of air left my lips as it became harder to breathe.

Sardis's smirk faded as he saw what was happening. He held up his hand and the deceiver lessens its grip but I was still pinned to the tree.

"Why are you here" I chocked out as the air filled my lungs once more.

"Straight to the point as always", he smirked, "However where would be the fun if I told you?"

"What are you planning," I said again glaring at him trying to look intimidating but in the position I was it wasn't very effective.

"Aww, your no fun but very well I'll pity you. The attack on your camp was simply a matter of taking away your home fort, but truly I'm here for my Dearest brother." He spoke as he motioned to his bound brother as he began to fight against the ropes once more but stopped as he saw it was useless.

"Now wants the saying: to kill the snake you cut off its head. Well, Ty here is the head and with the head gone, the new riders fall of course with a little help from my new friend." He continued.

"New friend." I checked out as the deceiver's hand tighten around my neck.

"Don't worry you'll find out soon enough."

He laughed as he points the tip of his sword at Ty's throat tilling his head up.

"Now then any last words brother," Sardis said cutting off the gag with his sword drawing blood.

" Ego paenitet te et non potest salvum facere," Ty spoke hoarsely in what I assumed was Latin.

Where did this guy learn Latin? Seriously he knows Latin but not German. 

Sardis's smirk fell from his face as Ty spoke. 

"desisse enim non posset esse fatum meum," Sardis replied lowering his sword as it disappeared into shadows.

Sardis snapped his fingers once more and an Askari walked forward carrying a long black wrap in both arms. As Sardis unwrapped it he pulled out a sword. 

As Sardis's hand touched the hilt of the sword it burned his hand

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As Sardis's hand touched the hilt of the sword it burned his hand. He cursed and pulled back in pain. 

He quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out a glove putting it on his burned hand that was already healing. He reached again for the sword with his gloved hand. Picking up the sword he walked over to Ty.

"Do you recognize this brother?", Sardis questioned. As he waved the sword in front of Ty.

" The Arch dragon bone sword. I am no fool, brother. But how did you retrieve it? Faranth's bones were hidden."

"Orthrus," Sardis stated blankly as he shrugged his shoulders.

"How did you find him?"

"You ask too many questions," Sardis said as he raised the sword slightly cutting Ty cheek.

Ty grunted in pain as the sword touched his face, burning him. The crimson blood ran down his cheek as stream rolled from the cut. Breathing heavily he looked up at me and mouthed two words:

Look away

Sardis raised the sword. Tears welled in my eyes as I watched the scene helplessly. 


"Sardis please don't hurt him", I cried as I struggled against the deceiver's grip.

"Sorry, Love. " He said joylessly. As brought down the sword.

"Wait" I yelled.

He stopped the sword inches away from Ty's neck.

"Look, love. I'm going to kill him." He signed as he motioned to Ty.

"Let's make a deal," I said quickly.

"Larisa, No do-"

Sardis snapped his fingers and the Askari gaged Ty.

"What do you have that want?", Sardis question. Ty continued to struggle behind him.


"What?", Sardis asked clearly shock. Even Ty stopped struggling against the rope.

"When we first meet you said you wanted me to join you. I will. If you let him go."  

Sardis grew quiet thinking. As he did I made the mistake of looking at Ty. 

He no longer pulled at the ropes that restrain him. He only looked at me with pleading eyes begging me to stop. I sent him a reassuring smile. He only dropped his head in return.

"Well, my dear ", Sardis said breaking the silence," I will honor your deal."

The deceiver dropped me. My legs gave out as the hit the ground.

" But", Sardis said pointing the deadly sword at my throat," betray me and I'll kill you both. Understood?" 

Ty's muffled protest where the only sound heard before I replied.

"Yes," I said standing up carefully to avoid the sword.

"Good," He smirked as he gave the sword back to the Askari. He held out his hand for me. 

Ty's muffled protest stopped as I took his hand. Sardis smirked and pulled me forward. Our faces only inches apart. He tilted my head to meet his eyes with his hand. He leaned down placing his lips on mine. 

As much I hate to say it I kissed back. He smirked into the kiss then broke it causing me to blush a deep red. 

I heard Ty growling through his gag as Sardis pulled me off. Then Sardis's giant black dragon, Orion, landed in the clearing. Sardis grided me to him. But as I neared Orion a red-figure locked onto the black dragon back. 


A raged roar was heard as the sky was split with lightning. Behind me, Raikou landed harshly with a bloodthirsty looked in his eyes.

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