Chapter Fourteen (Edited)

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I haven't heard from Noah since the moment we had in his room after the incident with one of the members of the distant family. I've been too busy focusing on my work to even think about searching out the Prince.

Actually, that's a lie. I've thought about the Prince a lot, but I know it's best if I just stay away. And as much as I hate to admit it to myself, I'm sure Noah wouldn't bother thinking of me when he is too focused on picking his wife and running a kingdom. Besides, I need to focus on doing my job right so Mother will be able to have a better life.

I can be Noahs friend, but being friends doesn't mean that we have to ever speak about last night again. It was completely improper. No matter how much fun I had.

I'm making my way to my room, ending another day where I haven't seen or spoken to Noah. I'm tired from the hard works of labor and would love nothing more than to fall on my bed and sleep away my problems and thoughts.

Before I make it to my room, I look out of the corner of my eye and see Agatha walking towards me with a smile. I turn from my door and offer her a smile in return.

"Sweetie, I have some big news," Agatha says to me while clapping her hands and offering a ear to ear smile.

I stay silent, but I give her a smile to continue. I refuse to let my self get too excited over anything right now.

"You are allowed to leave tomorrow morning to visit your friends and family!"

My mouth drops open. I get to go home. I can't believe I will see Mother.

"You're allowed to stay a full twenty-four hours. But, you must be on the train by that morning or-"

"Execution. I know, Agatha," I say trying to contain my excitement. Though I am slightly upset I will get such a short time with Mother, I'm excited to be back in her arms. I haven't received any letters from her since being here, so I pray she is okay.

I give Agatha a hug, wanting to share this exciment with her. "Thank you so much," I whisper in her ear.

"Of course, sweetie," she says while pulling away and holding me at arms length. "Make sure you pack anything that you will need for the day. Now, you best be off to bed. The faster you go to sleep, the faster tomorrow will come."

Agatha turns and walks down the hallway, leaving me to go in my room and pack what little I have for tomorrow and try to attempt sleep.


I get off of the train and see Mother standing there with her smile and shaking hands. Even from here I can see her trying not to cry.

Our eyes meet each other at the same time and I run off of the train and into her arms the same way I did when I would get home from school when I was a little girl.

"I'm so glad you're home," she whispers into my hair. I feel her lips connect to my temple and I can't stop the smile that shines on my face. I haven't felt this level of comfort in so long and I just wish to stay in her arms forever.

"I missed you too, Mother," I whisper back.

She pulls away and holds me out in front of her. She looks me up and down as if she was checking ti make sure that I'm all in one piece. Finally, after checking me over, she looks at me in the eyes and says, "Let's go home."


After spending the day with Mother walking around the small town, I'm finally back in my old home.

I'm sitting in the living room with Mother in my old clothes that I have missed as much as the rest of my home. Being in my old clothes makes me feel as though I have been living without my skin these past couple of months.

I never realized all that I would miss while I have been away. Or what I didn't realize I would miss until I had it back. Everything just feels right now that I am home, though for some reason a part of me misses the palace. Though I shove that part in the way back of my mind, so to fully enjoy this moment with Mother.

Luckily, Mother got off of work today so we could have the whole day together. The jobs in the kingdom are much more lenient compared to working at the palace.

After looking over the house to make sure Mother is buying food and taking care of herself, I sit down with her to have a cup of tea and to catch up on all I've missed.

Mother told me, since she is the only one in the house, she is combining our incomes and using it to help better our community. Even if that means just bringing some food to the family of five who lives next door. It makes my heart swell knowing that I'm not just helping Mother, but others who are also struggling.

"Sera, do you remember Steven?" Mom says after taking a sip from her tea.

"Steven? The Steven that helped us with the garden after Dad died?"

"Yes, that sweet boy. Turns out he is working with the live stock," she says eyeing me over her mug.

"That's great. I'm sure he is doing really well with it," I say while sipping my own tea.

"I was thinking, maybe next time you visit we could go by and visit him and his Mother. Sweet women."

"Mother. Please no," I say pleading with her, knowing exactly what she is trying to do.

"What?" she asks innocently.

I take a deep breath, preparing to explain myself, "Mother, I only am able to visit home a few times a year, and that's if nothing is going on at the palace. I am not able to have a relationship at home while I'm working. You are all I need and my number one goal is to make your life easier. And that means being an adult and working."

Mother just smiles and shakes her head at me, "You know, I thought the same thing. Until, I met your Father. He swept me off my feet. Before I met him, I put my trust in no one, but for some reason he was just so easy to talk to. He made me feel like I belonged and that I was safe."

I smiled watching the tears of happiness make their way to her eyes. I love hearing about Dad, especially when it's Mother who is talking.

"Honey, you are still young and there is still so much life that you will experience. I know you feel some type of obligation to take care of me, but I'm okay. You need to go out and live, love, and be happy."

I'm stunned into silence as I let Mothers words sink in. As much as I hate to admit it, I know she is right.

"Oh my, look at the time. We better to bed if we are going to make it to the station tomorrow," Mother says while looking at the clock.

I give Mother a hug and kiss goodnight, then make my way to my old room. I take out my bag that I brought with me and pull out the clothes that Noah let me borrow. They have recently became my regular sleeping attire and I can't help but love the comfort it gives.

My mind wanders back to the conversation with Mother. How I don't have time to deal with a relationship. How I have to focus on my work. But, when Mother talked about Dad the way she did, I can't help but think about Noah.

What is wrong with me?

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