Chapter 34

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Months passed by, and Kat didn't seem to pick up on Talen's sleep problem. She hadn't realized that every time when she spent the night with him or vice versa, he got out of bed when she dozed off. He knew what time her alarm was set so he' come back just before then.

Things were going great between them, they travelled quite a bit. But they made it a point to spend the weekends together, no matter where they were.

"How is your therapy coming along these days?" Kat asked out of the blue.

Talen tried not to show his discomfort, because truth is he never went for it anymore. "Yea, it's great. Lots of progress." he lied smoothly.

"Oh yea? That's great considering you haven't had any episodes in quite some time." she smiled at him.

Guilt flooded him. He just didn't want to worry her about how bad it was. There were consistent flashbacks when he tried to go to sleep. His paranoia was through the roof whenever he went anywhere with or without her. Only difference was, when he was with her, he tried as much to conceal it.

"Talen? You sure you ok?" she asked when he drifted off.

"Yea, yea I'm good." he pulled up to her nana's new house in the Hamptons.

Richard and her decided they had enough of the city and they bought a new place. A sprawling estate that overlooked the ocean.    

"I think the question is are you ok. Being back here and all." he held her hand gently.

When was it ever ok to come back here. Kat thought to herself. "I've always hated it here. Will always hate it here." she sighed.

He came over to her side and opened the door for her and just as they were about to knock on the door, it swung open and her nana stepped out.

"Hello my loves. Everyone is here already." she kissed both their cheeks.

"Define everyone nan." Kat said annoyed.

"Your parents, sister and the rest of the usual suspects." Rosa said.

"Can I not be in the same room as them?" Kat sighed and her nana started on one of her lectures.

Sure it was fine for Rosa to lecture her--- but no one told Rosa about what had gone down in the hospital when she was in a coma. 

"Rosa don't worry I'll keep her in line" Talen cut her rant short.

"They are family Katerina, be civilised please." Rosa said leading them through the huge foyer and into the dining room.

"Only if they are." Kat mumbled making Rosa turn around and give her another pointed look.

Kat and Talen took their seats with their friends, in the corner of the table that was far from Kat's parents and sisters.

"So, you've got a television show now." Kat's mother tried breaking the ice.

Talen nudged Kat to answer her. "Yea." was all she said.

"Don't bother trying mom, Kat thinks she's above us now." Sarah said trying to poke fire.

Kat bit back her tongue from spewing out cuss words. Instead she smiled and said "So Sarah, how's work. Oh, sorry I forgot. You still live with them." 

"Here is the chicken, and lamb, pass it around." Rosa said loudly, trying to break up the tension which seemed to grow bigger.

Silence flooded the table again and this time Rosa started the conversation. "I called Jon to come over, but the boy is swamped with work." 

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