Dull Gold Eyes

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Lucy's POV

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Lucy's POV

I watched and waited for the golden lights again, hoping with everything I had that they would show. Tsukiko was showing me this through my head. She was using her powers to show me that she was still alive, I could still feel her presence in my mind, even though it was weak. I knew that if I told the others they would think that I was crazy for not telling them the reason why, and then that I was just making assumptions. I thought of showing them the letter, but if Tsukiko did survive then she would be angry with me and for some reason that seemed the worst possible option. 

My mind was hurling around in my head, giving me a major headache. My hands shook and I stood to leave, saying I needed to be alone, before leaving the office. I walked into the main hall of the guild hall. I just stood there for a second, contemplating on telling them about the letter.

I needed to sit down, so I sat down, right in the middle of the guild. I had gotten a drink by now and had let my mind wander. I didn't want to tell anyone that Tsukiko could be dead when she could still be fighting for her life. so I just kept quiet, my mind screaming at me to tell someone about the letter, about what I knew, but then in return, I could still feel her presence in my mind, although faint. something was just keeping me from telling everybody what I knew, something like a barrier. For ages I sat there, thinking that Tsukiko had put up that barrier, forcing me to not tell people about the situation. 

I watched as time flew past, how people chatted and laughed while being totally obvious to what I knew. The rest of my team were still with Master, probably trying to figure out how to the rest of the guild.

I wanted to get up and scream, shout at Tsukiko for being so brave, curse at her for being so persuasive. But I knew that if I did that, it would just be in vain, I knew that she couldn't hear me, I knew that she was too busy trying to survive. So I just sat there, sipping on my drink. 

I looked out the window, just staring at the outside world. I watched it go by, people walking around, parents looking after their children. No matter how many times I tried to distract myself with the world around me, my mind just kept going to her. She was fighting against something like that, something so nightmarish that we couldn't do anything against it. She's only one wizard. 

My mind was just having its own debate, shouting things at me, that told me to go and tell everyone what I knew. Then to counter this, it would say something about her unknown powers, about how she would be easily able to kill that beast. Even is she had then why wasn't she back. It had nearly been a day already. 

|Writer's POV|

Tsukiko started at the beast before her, weakened and nearly dead. She had managed to damage its legs to the extent of where it couldn't use them, relying on its arms now, and it couldn't move around now. Wich was a big help.

Tsuikiko was battered and bruised, she knew that she was going to get hurt, which was another reason as to why she sent her friends away, the main was that she had to use her power, and she wasn't ready for them to see her use them. There were many things that Tsukiko was not yet ready to reveal to her family. She knew the danger it could put her in if people were to figure out her secrets, so she kept quiet about them. 

Tsukiko felt her body bleed, it dropping onto the floor. Her head was ringing and her eyes were dull, no longer shining gold. Her body twitched every now and again. Her hair fanned around her slumping form, she sat there, eyes-dropping from exhaustion. No matter the pain she felt, of the blood she was losing, she knew that she had to exterminate the thing in front of her. She knew that if it got free, then thousands would die. So with the little ounces of strength she had left, she stood up. Her legs shook under her body, and she grimaced at the pain she was feeling. She lifted her arms straight and muttered under her breath as she looked at the blood pooling from the cuts she had acquired. 

With one last mutter, her magic flew from her hands and towards her foe.

|Lucy's POV|

I started at my now empty glass as my mind continued to reel thoughts around in my head. I couldn't come to a decision and I was tempted to just go home for the night. Erza had told me what Master had to say on the matter or Tsukiko. She said that he told them that it would just be better to make sure, so in the morning then they would send out the team again to go and check around that area. 

I nodded my head when she told me and looked around the guild. No one knew and no one would know until tomorrow when we got back. I hated not being able to tell them, how were they to react that we kept the news from them for so long, would they understand our reasonings, or would they be upset with us for keeping it for so long.

As my thoughts raced through my head, I felt Tsukiko's connection to me change, to what I didn't know. It could have just weakened of gained strength, but I had no clue how to tell the difference between the two. It did, however, seem to bring some hope into my heart, and my eyes diverted to the door. I head the wind outside, and then my heart started to calm down for some reason. 

I just continued to stare at the door, my heartbeat slowing down to what it normally is, my mind calming down as I felt something change with the connection. Something was happening, and with the way my body was reacting to it, I assumed it was for the best.

I saw the door shift as if someone had pushed against. I felt my body move slowly to a standing position. No one else had seemed to notice yet. I saw it shift again, and again before opening, still no one noticing.

As I watched the door swing open gently, I noticed one thing first, the gentle gold hair. Then the delicate face, and dull gold eyes that looked around the guild hall, searching for something. Then I noticed the cuts, the arm across the stomach, and the blood leaking down her pale skin/ 

"Mystogan.." her voice echoed gently around the guild hall, catching everyone's attention. Luckily he and Gildarts were still here. Three chairs slammed to the floor as Cana gasped, Gildarts shouted and Mystogan looked wide-eyed towards the girl. They all ran forward as she started to stumble. Master walked out of his office to see the cause of the silence and his eyes widened at the sight before him. 

"Master, it's them. They're back." she managed to speak out with ragged breaths. He came to her side as quickly as possible. 

"Why alone my child, why would you?" and with that last question, she collapsed into her family's arms, blood dripping onto the floor.

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