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There's blood, so much blood trickling down my legs. I couldn't move as the pain held me hostage. I tried to regulate my breathing because that was all I could do at the time. I wanted to scream and ask for help, but my mouth had been numbed and heavy while I began having frenzied hallucinations, drifting away from reality.

Hooney found me on the floor but it had been too late...

Hooney came in and saw me with his lifeless son held in my arms. The sudden shock consumed him, he didn't know what happened. Discombobulated, he came closer, shaking and trembling. He is feeling the same thing I'm feeling, but twice for him because he just lost his baby while he watched the woman he loves in heartbroken agony at the same time. Tears streamed from my eyes, delirious and out of it. I looked at him, he looked at me, and then to our dead baby.

"What happened?" He murmured, his lips trembled. His strides weak as he made his way closer.

I shook my head, my mind in chaos unable to form a proper thought.

"Hui." His own tears welled in his eyes. He kneeled beside me and wrapped me in his arms, but not even his warmth was enough to calm me down, I continued my relentless cries.

"Hooney." His hold squeezed tighter, and I felt the tremors of his anger and sadness echoed in my body. Hooney is raging with anger. "It's her...she did it. She poisoned me with her tea."

He didn't answer, only holding me continuously without loosening his grip, without letting go. Hooney held me until I began trembling uncontrollably suffering from the shock of losing too much blood. Hooney is on the verge of losing me too.

I started my violent convulsion. He took our son away and swaddled him in a thick blanket as though he's alive and breathing. Panicked, I could see Hooney was frantic, snatching a thicker blanket to wrap me in.

"Help!" He screamed in a loud frenzied scream, begging for people to come.

I have never heard a strong man's frightened scream until now. The sound of Hooney's voice is haunting that I  felt his anguish in my bones...in my soul.

I heard the rumbling steps of men and servants running in the hallway. That was all I remembered, going into deeper shock as I saw the swirl of black abyss hugged and whisk me away with it.

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