The After "Party"

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Artemis's POV

        Black Moon's Pack House was quiet when Jackson barreled into the driveway like a maniac. As soon the car stopped Jackson was already scooping me up and spiriting for his room. He better now think anything is happening between us tonight, oh hell no!
        As soon as he got to his room he set me down on his bed. Then He closed, no slammed his bedroom door shut and locked it. When he turn around I noticed his beautiful blue eyes turned black. Well Shit, His wolf is in control I'm screwed. His wolf raked his eye over my body before letting out of deep, low growl that sent chills through my spine.
      "Hello my little mate." He said in a raspy voice. 
     "Hi..." I say trailing off at the end not knowing my Jackson's Wolf's name.
     "Donovan is my name." He tells me.
     "Alright Donovan I would like to speak with Jackson." I request.
     "No, at least not now. I have been cooped up in his mind and I haven't been able to enjoy my mate." Donovan says as he saunters over to me, like I said earlier, Im fucking screwed.
      "D-Donovan" I stutter as he places himself between leg with his hands on either of my head and his head in the crook of my neck, brushing his lips on my skin leaving featherlike kisses on my neck.
      "Yes my little mate?" Donovan asks as he begans to suck on my sweet spot making me let out a soft moan. Donovan let out a low growl.
      "Don't do that little mate." He said in as husky whisper, making me bite my lip to hold back another moan. What is going on with me? Donovan crashed his lips onto mine and slid his tongue into my mouth in one swift motion. Horny Ass Alpha. Sapphire began to enter my mind sharing control of my body, taking full control of what I was doing with the kiss.
       Sapphire tangled my hands in his hair and deepened the kiss. Oh great my wolf is horny too.  Yep, Im  going to lose my virginity tonight. Oh joy!  Note the sarcasm. Donovan's hand begins traveling down my body toward the equator.  OH HELL NAWH! I quickly gain control of my body and pull away from the kiss making Donovan growl.
        "Donovan no, I'm not ready" I say.
        "Alright my sweet. At least let me mark you as ours." Referring to Jackson.
        "If you I do will you give me Jackson back?" I ask timidly. He shakes his head eagerly. "You can mark me." I say softly, barely a whisper but with his heightened hearing Donovan hear me. He wasted no time piercing my neck with his sharp canines.
      It hurt like hell, Right as I was about scream in pain it turned into immense pleasure and I let out a loud moan making him sink his teeth in farther. When he finished marking he licked the wound, sealing it.
      I look in a pair of electric blue eyes and I find the Jackson is smirking down at me. I roll my eyes before giving him a kiss before grabbing one of his shirts and heading to his bathroom, ignoring his protest that he would see everything soon or later.

       I take the white roses that were placed throughout my hair and put into a ponytail. When I go unzip the dress I find that I forgot that it was a laced back. Great just great. I head out with the shirt in hand. "Hey hotshot. I need your help.", I start making him raise an eyebrow, "Can you untie my dress." I ask turning around.
       "Or I could just rip it off?" He says suggestively, If I was looking at him I know I would find him wiggling his eyebrows.
      "Jackson no... well... no just untie it." I say sternly.  I hear him let out sigh.
      "It was worth a shot." He said before untie the bow and unlacing the back. I hear him suck in a breath.
     "Artemis your killing me here." He said.
     "What? How?" I ask, confused.
     "You aren't wearing a bra." Well Shit, What is with me forgetting stuff today? I quickly slid his shirt on, inhaling his scent and laying the dress on a chair. Before heading over to his bed wearing he is already laying there in his boxers.
       As soon as I laid down on the bed pulled me to his chest, encircling his arms around my waist. I snuggled closer if that was even possible before closing my eyes, sighing in content. "I love you Princess." I hear Jackson say.
      "I love you Hotshot." I tell him, meaning every word, before sleep took over my body.


Hey Guys! I finally got a chapter up! Sorry that its so short. Random Fun fact Jackson's Wolf, Donovan, name means Dark Warrior. Well Goodnight my Howlers!

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