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Chapter 13

- Ace King -

I haven't talked to or seen Mia since we came back home. I tried calling her, but it would either go right to voicemail or Sarah would pick up. Texting her didn't work either since she'd just read them without replying. I went to her house every day in hopes that she'd open the door, but I'd always end up sitting at her doorstep for more than an hour.

For every visit, I'd leave a vase full of flowers as part of my apology. I knew that it wasn't going to be enough, but hopefully, she'd think about speaking to me at least once. When her mom was home when I asked to visit Mia, she'd would always say that Mia was busy or that she's at Sarah's house. She probably knew that Mia and I were on bad terms right now, but didn't know why.

While I've been trying to get Mia to forgive me, I've also been doing what Mr White instructed me to do; comfort my mom and eventually, visit and talk to my father.

After placing the base of flowers on Mia's doorstep, I went home and helped my mom as best as I could. She was still depressed about the whole thing. How dad cheated on her.

Dad was always there for her through thick and thin. He kept her safe from any harm and would help her with anything she needed. She loved him as much as anyone could love anyone. She trusted him. He was the love of her life, and he betrayed her.

After a long talk, I was finally able to get her to go outside. Little by little, she was starting to smile again. Now, Mom would leave the house more often and hang out with her friends or spend some time alone. I'm glad that she's feeling better, and hopefully, she'll be able to move on.

Every day after I went home, I'd try and contact Mia as best as I could, even when I knew she wasn't going to answer. There would be times I'd stay up all night, texting and calling her, but all that effort ended with the same results. I hated not talking or seeing Mia for more than a day or two, but I knew she needed time to herself. I had to remind myself to think about her feelings as well.

I'd hate it if Mia kept secrets from me. Especially if she was hanging out with another guy.

But that's exactly what I did.

"This is why you're an asshole," Ben claimed as he continued to eat his bucket of chicken.

Unfortunately, Ben was the only person I could talk to right now. Sarah was obviously pissed off with me for hurting Mia, Levi was busy with fixing the wall Ben broke when he was drunk, and since I didn't have any other friends that I like, Ben was the only one left.

Well, at least until he and Levi went to the mall this afternoon.

It wasn't like I hated him, he just says whatever was running through his mind. I mean, it was good that he's not shy to speak his mind, but sometimes it was fucking annoying.

"Hey, have you been, crying?"


"Have you been crying?" He repeated.


Ben raised a brow. "You have got to learn how to stop lying. It's gonna ruin a part of your life."

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