Chapter 2: The Attack

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Disclaimer: Some of the dialogue from this chapter is not mine and belongs to Marvel as well as their characters.

It's been a few months since I've met the Maximoff twins and all has been well.Wanda has finally harnessed the basics of her powers and the two of us have become quite close. Pietro, well... he's less clumsy then before. Strucker has kept a close eye on us. I know he will do anything to put a damper on my name but I won't let him. It's early in the morning now and I have been awake for hours. I never sleep, it's illogical to sleep when I don't need it. I sit on my bed in the corner of my small room and I float a small coin I found on the floor in front of my face. I don't use my hands at all. Instead they reset on my stomach and my full focus is on the coin. The tiny metal plate gets higher and higher the more I concentrate. Soon I have the coin about 2 feet in the air, it's weight perfectly balanced.

Then, I hear the quick feet pattern that only belongs to one person speed by my door. I drop the coin right into my hand and sit up. I sit with my legs crossed and float the small token behind my back. Soon enough, my door is opened and Pietro stands in front of me. Before he can say anything, I remark:

"They finally let you out of your cage, huh?" 

"That is not of your concern."

"I'm your trainer. It is my job to be concerned." A moment passes between us while he decides whether or not to tell me.

"They believe that we have enough control now to freely roam around the premises." he whispers.

"And they are correct. Never be ashamed of your accomplishments, Pietro. No matter the costs." I say but I know that my words are full of hypocrisy. Pietro nods in response but regret is all I see on his face.

"Fuhrer Strucker wishes to speak with you." Pietro tells me before speeding away from my presence. I sigh in response and get off my uncomfortable bed, leaving my small yet deadly token behind.


I soon enter Strucker's office, it's ghostly stone grey walls chilling me to the core. I look at his desk to see that it is empty, the large window behind it casting the bright morning light. Two guards soon enter the room and one grabs my arm. I invisibly push the hand off of me, instantly spooking them.

"Where is the Fuhrer?" I demand. Just as I finish my sentence, a voice echoes through the empty hallways, bouncing off the stone walls.

"Report to your stations immediately. This is not a drill. We are under attack." Strucker's voice booms.  

I glare at the soldiers one more time before quickly walking through the corridors to the control room. As I make my way through the halls, Strucker's voice repeats the message over and over again. Hundreds of soldiers fly by me, running to the battlefield. None of them show any fear like I once did. But deep down I know I nod to a few of them if we make eye contact as a sign of respect. Once I make it there, the room is packed full of soldiers and lab techs, as well as fellow agents and commanders. I stand in the doorway leading to the massive room, the twins at my side. They keep their heads low in submission and fear. Strucker is droning on and on about something and I only tune in to his little monologue towards the end. 

"We will not yield! The Americans sent their circus freaks to test us. We will send them in bags." Strucker orders. He turns to me and the twins before screaming:

"No surrender!" 

Everyone in the room repeats his last words except for the twins and I. I try to sternly glare at them for disrespecting our Furher but they know that I have no respect for him either. Soon everyone returns to their duties and I turn to the twins.

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