chapter six

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Thursday 9:26 am

you: thank you

you: i think i'm going to dial the hotline again one more time

daydream daydream: whAT WHY YOU CAN CALL ME

daydream daydream: i CAN LISTEN TO YOU ALL DAY

you: i meant the hotline for pizza hut  ahaahanotlyingahahaha

daydream daydream: oh seems legit i guess

daydream daydream: well have fun while i start practicing for my show

you: what show?

daydream daydream: show for the public..yes

daydream daydream: okay bye

Her/3rd POV

After reading the last text message the stranger from a day ago sent, you slammed your body against on the surface of your bed. You pulled over the blanket at the side, quivering up as you were shaking from the cold.

You weren't actually going to order any pizza or food even, you've been in your room for the past week, only barely living on a box of donuts and the water from the tap. A little weird, but the sugar keeps you going.

"Please wait a for a little more while we try to sync you with a volunteer from Suicide Hotline, thank you for waiting during this tough moment."

The automated voice pitched through my ear, maybe I should just do it on speaker mode. You thought.

"We have successfully assigned you to a volunteer who goes by the name JH. He will start talking about the beep."




"So what happened?"

"A loooot."

"Care to share it with me?"

"I have just one main thing bugging me a lot."

"What is it?"

"My sister is my own bully. My parents don't know and don't seem to care much about my well-being. I guess they all have reasons for it."

"I'm sure she isn't all that bad."

"She had sex with the guy I like, well I'm not too sure if it's true or not but she said it to be to everyone in school, as if it's big news."


"Now I see them everyday in class just smashing their faces to one another and smooching all over with tongue. S-She started a rumour about me being pregnant once because I was fat."

"Are you okay? It sounds like it's very cold where you're at."

"It isn't. But I am."

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