Chapter 26

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(A/N: Here we go... 😬)

The elevator halts.

The doors open cautiously, as if they are afraid of something.

The same thing I'm afraid of, probably.

I drop to my knees and crawl through the dark shaft as quietly as I could.

The square latch above is ajar, showcasing the sunset's last warmth throughout the sky.

Hopefully, they didn't notice—

Mr. Roselyn peers down at me, boring into my eyes.


Shit fuck shit.

He points a bloodstained gun at me. The movement of his arm smooth and apathetic. That's the same gun that shot Enrico, without a doubt.

"Get the fuck up here."

I immediately comply with his order and clamber up onto the roof, my legs trembling with fear.

The wind blows, cold and harsh across the roof. Mr. Roselyn stands to the side, while Luna crosses her arms in front of me.

My eyes are drawn to her instantly.

All of her features are shadowed in devastation. I clench my fist when I notice the tears sparkling on her cheeks.

No one makes my loved ones cry.

"What is wrong with you?!" I turn to Mr. Roselyn, my fury erupting into flames.

He licks his lips. "Summer." He pauses to slip something else out from his vest. "You're back and getting engaged again, thanks to us."

No, I'm not.

"Us? Who are you referring to?" I question with a glare.

He chuckles. "Everyone on this roof, including you."

Luna casts her eyes downward.

My voice lowers. "So you and Luna, huh?"

Someone announces, "You forgot me!"

I whip my head around to see Alex.

She smirks as she rests her head on Mr. Roselyn's shoulder.


"W-Why are you here?" My breath shakes.

"I never really switched to working for your mother. I've been on his side all along." She shrugs nonchalantly.

Red, white, and the fleeting thoughts of murder flash through my vision as she continues.

"You see, we planted that phone on purpose. I had two with me." She waves the other phone in the air. "I left the decoy phone unlocked on purpose so your fiance over there could do the work."

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