chapter eight

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Friday 5:41pm

holiar: wait but i tried so hard to cover my identity

you: you failed at it, obviously

you: i know whO yoU aaRe

holiar: who am i

you: you're that min hyun-gi guy from my class who always talks about how he works for the suicide hotline, aND you're in that dance group with a lot of girls and boys

holiar: haHAHAHA

you: are you not the person i assumed you to be

holiar: way off from what i thought you were going to say

holiar: nO i am noT min hyun-gi, i'm someone else :-)

holiar: did you know that anyone can volunteer to talk to those who dial the hotline, literally anyone can pick up

holiar: i picked up a call from this one girl who talked about her sister being her own bully, felt kind of bad for her though because she hanged up only after a while of talking

you: oh

you: good to know that some people face the same problems as i do

holiar: you're sister is a bully too?

you: you could say that

holiar: agh i'm sorry for this but i have to go for a meeting now, bye

you: bye


As I stood still standing in my room, I wondered of the  things I could do for the rest of the day. Like usual, nothing came in thought. Walking front and back, circles and back to cycles, I crawled up to a ball onto my bed while quivering more because of the sugar intake I had this morning. Eating 12 packs of sour gummy was not the best idea for breakfast.

I could just stroll by Han River, and maybe get some real food for the week, it is Friday after all.

Then I got out of bed, took a quick shower and felt the cold air rush through my veins right after getting out. After warming myself up with the bathrobe I moved on to my wardrobe to change. For clothes, I didn't bother changing to anything presentable. Just an oversized hoodie with shorts should do.

"I look like a mess, but who's looking at me anyways." I talked to the mirror while looking at the reflection of myself.

My phone buzzed, it's been a while since I've gotten a notification from that Hobi guy, I wonder who he actually is.

"Hey I'm back from the meeting, sorry it took so long, what did I miss?"

Ah he's so positive and still keeps up with my nonsense.

Friday 6:30pm

holiar: hey i'm back from the meeting, sorry it took so long :-(

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