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I sat in my room the light of the computer screen flicked on as I started to scroll through the internet.

Today I'd be staying in my room no way in hell I'd be going out.

But I guess that was normal for a 16-year-old boy. Right?

"Blaze!" My mother called out from downstairs.

I sighed and got up from my chair. I approached the door and opened it calling down to her.

"A friend of mine is coming over for dinner tonight shes bringing her daughter so please be nice!!" She screamed.

I rolled my eyes and backed away before closing the door. I made my way back to my computer.

It was funny how different me and my mother were. Well, she was out having fun and being social I sat in my room playing games and being anti-social.

I heard the sound of the doorbell go off and I sighed.

I guess they were already here.

I could hear my mother chatting downstairs with the guests. I could only hear two voices though meaning maybe the daughter wasn't there and I could go down eat not talk and go back to playing my games.

I got up from my chair and headed to the door. I slowly opened it before going down the stairs.

I peeked out to see if there was anyone around but they were all gone. Taking my time down the stairs I checked both of the rooms. Nobody in there either.

Maybe they went out.

I sighed feeling a sense of safety.

I turned the corner and before I could take another step I bumped into someone.

We both fell to the ground and I looked up at whoever had made me fall.

"Watch where you're going," I growled touching the top of my head.

"Sorry.." A feminine voice mumbled.

I looked at the girl in front of me. She was actually kind of cute.

She had a shy aura about her with purple long hair. She wore a cute blue dress and I felt my face heat up a bit.

I got up off the ground and extended my hand to her.

She looked up at me shyly and grabbed my hand. I yanked her up off the ground and felt my face turn a bit red.

"Sorry," I mumbled.

I let go of her head and past her.

I stopped at the kitchen door. Inside my mother was chatting away with whoever was over.

I peaked my head in the kitchen and the moment I did she caught me.

"Blaze come in, introduce yourself!" My mother called out.

I groaned at this thought and walked into the kitchen.

"Hi," I mumbled.

"Blaze this is an old friend of mine and that girl behind you is her daughter, Dottie."

I looked over my shoulder behind me and noticed the same purple-haired girl from before.

I bit down on my lip and then turned back to my mother. She gave me a smile.

"Why don't you hang out with Dottie upstairs."

I gave her a pissed of look and then turned back to the door.

"Fine." I grabbed the girls hand and we walked upstairs to my room.

Once we were inside I went back to my chair and turned on my computer again.

As I played my game I looked out of the corner of my eye as Dottie sat down on my bed looking at her feet.

I didn't pay attention to her though.

I went back to playing my game and after a bit of time, I heard her walk up behind me.

"Is that *insert game here*?" I looked up at the girl and nodded my head.

"You play?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

She nodded her head and I smiled getting up out of my chair.

"Give it a try."


After an hour or so of us playing 'the game' we finally took a break.

We both laid down on my bed chatting away.

It was funny she was really easy to talk to and it seemed we were getting along really well.

I rolled over on my side to face her as she was talking away and smiling. Something urged me though.

I pushed my lips against Dotties making her shut up for some time. She closed her eyes and when she did that I took it as an opportunity to kiss her more.

I could taste the chapstick on her lips. It was a sweet strawberry flavour. I pulled away from the kiss and we both stared at each other for a bit.

I sat up on the bed then got up on top of Dottie. She looked at me normally and began to take my shirt off.

I threw my shirt to the ground and began to undo hers as well. I took off her shirt and the only thing under it was a bra.

I bent down to the bra and ripped it off using my teeth. I dropped it down beside us and her face was a bright pink.

I dipped down to her breasts and began to bite the left one well my hand played with the other.

Dottie moaned out in pleasure and I could feel her tugging at my hair. I bit down a bit hard still rubbing the other slowly.

I stopped bitting and began to slowly lick it in small circles. She moaned arching her back as I touched her more.

I stopped playing with her other boob and began to travel down her thigh. I put my hand down where her pants were and I stuck my hand in.

She gasped at that and I brought my hand closer to her panties. I put my hand under her panties and she moaned out.

I stopped licking her boob and brought my lips up to her face. Our eyes met for a quick second before our lips did. We began to kiss passionately. As it got deeper I thrusted my finger into her womanhood.

I began to pump it slowly in and out and she moaned into my mouth.

"Blaze! Dottie!" I heard someone knock at the door.

I quickly shot my head up and looked back.

My mother stood at the door in total shock and I just stared back.



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