chapter nine

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Jung Hoseok? He's actually right in front of me, telling me to not jump, and gripping onto my forearm tighter than a knot.

I asked him to let go as I stepped down from the edge and back onto the pavement, it felt unreal that he was actually here accompanied by another member.

"Why are you here?"

"I wanted to save you from doing something stupid."

"Wow this is exactly how I always imagined it would be if we ever met."

"I didn't mean it like thAT, I just saw you so close to falling off and I just wanted to make sure you were safe."

"Are you Hyejin?" Another voice could be heard from her side as she sees Min Yoongi staring at her.

"W-Wha- How um yes, name Hyejin my is , wait no I mean my name is Hyejin."

"Ahahaha she's cute." He said walking to Hoseok's side.

"So um, I'm going home now, but can I take a picture with you guys?"

"Sure, of course."

Friday 10:26pm

you: something happened

holiar: what happened?

you: i just met jung hoseok and min yoongi

holiar: oh

holiar: isn't that great?

you: i didn't say it wasn't

you: it was just so, so fast

you: like someone out there is just creating some scenarios for me to act and just add in some characters to save me

holiar: don't break the third wall

you: um

you: so i was actually about to leave the bridge, after looking at the city view when the sun was setting, but someone grabbed me by the hand and it was hoseok

holiar: maybe he thought that you were going to jump?

you: that's exactly what he said when i was near the end of the bridge

holiar: mAYBE he just really CArES ABout you

you: i was just standing close to get a better view of the firework show they put up, what's there to be worried about

holiar: someone cares about you and that's your bias, aren't you lucky?

you: yes i am, but that won't stop me from still trying

holiar: trying?

you: trying

you: goodnight i'm going to sleep now

holiar: good night

Saturday 1:35am

holiar: i can't sleep

holiar: how can you sleep when you just met like 2/7 of bts

holiar: you're not like other girls

holiar: i like that
Message not sent

Saturday 7:00am

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