The wife

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The prince didn't stay long, he left as soon as the sun rose the next morning, mainly because he couldn't wait to get back to his wife. I heard rumors of his wife before - how she's the most beautiful woman you'd ever lay your eyes on. One look at her will take your breath away. It made me wonder how beautiful she really is.

"Hooney, how beautiful is the second prince's wife exactly?" I asked Hooney out of curiosity.

Hooney raised both his eyebrows and sucked a breath. Like a child about to tell an obvious lie. "Nothing compares to you, Hui..." He grinned. "You're the most beautiful girl in the world."

I frowned at his inability to stay serious. "I'm serious."

He made no response as he grabbed me into his arms and smother me with his cuddles.

The very next week, Hooney and I got married. There was no preparation, no announcement - he didn't even ask me. I woke up one morning - shoved into cheongsam and taken to his office for the ceremony. It felt like a shotgun wedding if anything...but who am I to complain? I will no longer be a powerless concubine and Hooney is the love of my life. I only wished Li He could have been here. But there is one thing we never talk about.

We never talk about Li He. Hooney never brought up my brother and I never mentioned him. We tiptoed about Li He, avoiding bringing him up in our conversations as though he suddenly vanished from existence and erased from our memories.

Something told me Hooney is hiding secrets from me again, and, I, in return, also kept things from him.

Until now, I never made any mention of Niang seducing Li He when Hooney was gone and I never told Hooney how my brother fucked his wife almost every night.

I don't know how much Hooney knew, but a man like Hooney is far from being a fool.

The ceremony was held in his office with very few witnesses. It was a quiet wedding and I think Hooney meant to have it that way.

He didn't want to attract attention, marrying his concubine only two weeks after his wife's murder. It would raise a lot of false suspicions that Hooney wouldn't want to deal with. I'm sure there are murmurs and speculations already going around about who killed the mistress.

We might've gotten married, but the tension in the manor didn't ease. Something changed ever since the murder. The servants became weary, whispers and hisses behind the walls are loud and constant. It was like darkness loomed its shadow in the manor and made residence there.

I tried to act normal, taking over as the first wife in charge of Hooney's affairs. I was given political responsibilities, mainly community relations, meeting with villagers, handing out rice and bean seedlings for farmers and some more.

I had no idea the kind of duties the wife of governor-general had until now. It took a lot of my time and I don't think I've ever seen Niang left the manor as much as I did. Perhaps, she never performed her duties to begin with.

"How's your new job treating you?" Murmured Hooney to me, draping his strong fingers on my shoulders giving me a message.

I rolled my shoulders enjoying his half painful, half affectionate touch. "Could you have someone else do it for me?" I found talking to people intimidating and exhausting. I went from being a slave only over a year ago to the wife of the most powerful man in this provincial district. It was a lot to take and hard to get used to. I still found myself sinking to people, obeying immediately, trying to please them for no reason.

"You are my wife now, you can't run away from your wifey duties." His fingers sank deep in my muscles, making me wince as soon as he said those words. The sound of wifey duties turned him on, and before I knew it, Hooney's hands shifted somewhere else trying to massage something else.

I smacked his hand and told him we are in his office.

He looked at his desk and cleared away the mess, "you know, I've been wanting to do it here for a while now." He glanced at me and searched for my cooperation.

I couldn't help but smile at him, especially when he's giving me that look. "How could I deny the husband of my wifey duties?"

Hooney jumped me like a dog in heat, couldn't wait to get his release. I have no doubt he'll get me pregnant again soon enough.

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