Li He

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Five years had passed since Li He said his goodbye. Hooney and I since had two children. My oldest son, the assured one named Lilui, he took after his father, and the younger cheeky daughter named Lihui, she's the apple of my eyes. Hooney and I knew our children will grow up to make us proud someday. 

I was happy, having children with Hooney finally solidified our marriage. We no longer had the tumultuous relationship we had when Niang was still his wife.  

Hooney and I were a picture-perfect couple, we never fought, we rarely argued, and we love each other without conditions, without ego, just him and I sharing our lives and making the best of it. 

Hooney and his father later put behind their differences. Especially with politics and after a few years, the eighth prince amended his tattered relationship with his son, unable to cut ties with his only son. His father loves him, and in the end, blood ran thicker than water. Hooney's father made efforts to meet his grandchildren.

He wasn't such a bad man after all - after he learned to accept me, and it took a lot of warming up.

No one paid for the crime of Niang's death, her case remained unsolved even after five years. She became a story servants talked about in their free time. A mystery.  

There's not a day when Li He never crossed my mind. The thought of him engraved permanently and gave me that feeling of comfort. I felt serene, I felt that quiet respite each time I thought of him these days. I have a feeling my brother is in a better place now, he's free, and he is not suffering from the endless torments of his demons anymore.

No news came to the manor after he left that night. It is as if he really disappeared and vanished with the wind. The only thing that kept him alive was the memory of us growing up together. I told nighttime stories to my children about him and me playing in the woods when we were young. I made sure my children knew their uncle. 

Jiaying had since remarried, and the house Li He left her remained hers. I stayed out of her way. 

I could feel Li He sometimes, when the wind howls just a little hauntingly or when the temperature drops to kiss my skin. The hair in arms would stand, and I know he's around. His spirit is near, watching over me, taking care of me. Even in the afterlife, I know Li He is keeping an eye on me.

"Li He..."

****The end****


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