Chapter 13

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Abhinay pov

"..... and she will get consciousness in few hours." doctor said as he checked the girl currently lying on my bed.
I don't know why, but the way she was crying and screaming in pain was really painful sight for me. May be it was a guilt that was clawing on my heart, telling me continuously that it was my fault.

" She was complaining about body ache. Her head was also aching in pain. Now is she alright? Are you sure doctor there is nothing to worry about?'' I asked him hesitently while continuously ignoring the daggers from my both friends, who were sending in my way through their eyes, present in my room and standing with their arms crossed and accusing me from their eyes, like it was my fault.

May be this time I am on my fault.

" Don't worry, I have already injected her so that her fever and pain would be reduced. Her body temperature is normal now. So there is nothing to worry about. She would feel better once she wakes up." doctor said as he warmly smiled at me and then left the room.

'' It was your fault asshole !" Vinay glowered at me with his arms crossed as he narrowed his eyes at me.

" I know--" Vinay cut me off.

" You better be prepare with your lame excuses if, by any chance, aunty will ask you about the absence of this girl on dinner." He spat with anger with his gritted teeth.

" I am the boss here! You should respect me Vinay. " I whispered yelled at him, feeling anger towards him and on myself.

" Respect !!" he exclaimed and laughed at me mockingly, then continued," After knowing what you put her through, you have lost your respect, atleast in my eyes." He spat.

" Can you both calm down?" Viraj interrupted with a bored look.

Vinay scowled and so did I.

" It was this asshole's fault--" I cut him off.

" Have you find something about this girl?" I calmly asked Viraj, completely ignoring the presence of other asshole here.

" She lives in an orphanage. And from what I discovered is that this girl was not having a good time there. The owner of that orphanage is not what you would like to call a good nature woman. But still I have to find more information about this girl. This much information is not enough for us to execute her fate. Till then she will remain our prisoner." He answered as I looked at him intently, then at Vinay who was wearing a frustrating look on his face all this time.

Viraj is right. It's not enough information about her. And there is no evidences against her too. It would not be fair if I come too harsh on her. Guilt and regret filled my heart and mind when I thought what I had done to this girl just few hours ago. Don't know why I was feeling like this. I never felt any regret when I tortured my victims but this girl is making me feel these kind of emotions.

Whatever! If  we find any kind of evidences against her, it would be only fair to kill her. No one can be stupid enough to just barge into my mansion and in my room. She is acting for sure, must have some plans against me, fooling me and my men. You just have to wait for the evidences Abhinay. My inner voice said to me.

But my thoughts broke when I saw Tara stirring in her sleep. It was already two hours that she has slipped into unconsciousness, again filling me with the guilt that I was the one responsible for landing her into this situation that now she was withering in pain.

I came near her but was. instantly stopped by Vinay. Bastard !!

" DON'T YOU DARE TO GO NEAR HER!! YOU ASSHOLE !!" He whispered yelled at me.

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