chapter ten

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Saturday 5:20pm

you: did you know that bipolar disorder is common for my age

you: like some with that disorder would just go from happy to sad during the day anytime

holiar: are you okay

you: 19.6% of koreans have bipolar disorder with it being 19.8% men and 17.5% women

holiar: what's bipolar

you: me

holiar: okay hold on i'm asking google

you: i can tell you what it is

holiar: no, you'll just keep talking about the statistics and all that stuff

you: are you underestimating mE

Saturday 5:23pm

holiar: Bipolar disorder, previously known as manic depression, is a mental disorder that causes periods of depression and periods of abnormally elevated mood.[3][4][6] The elevated mood is significant and is known as mania or hypomania, depending on its severity, and whether symptoms of psychosis are present.[3] (from wikipedia)

you: oh my god

you: well there you go, you're educated now

holiar: thank you

you: you're welcome

holiar: wait

holiar: dang it

you: do you wanna know why i called the hotline at first

holiar: yes i do

you: here goes

you: 2nd october, tuesday, before 8:30. my step parents fought, about what i didn't exactly know, but what i heard clearly was my name and how they were complaining that she should have never taken me in from my biological mother

you: they said that my college school fees are high and that they shouldn't even spend their money on me because i'm not their child

you: and my step sister, she doesn't even try to be nice to me once

holiar: how do they treat you?

you: my parents are okay at times, they are just two faced and doesn't really care about my life. my sister on the other hand just doesn't treat me like a person

you: she once cut all my hair out when i was asleep and made a rumour that i had cancer, well that was when we were in high school...

holiar: wow she is nasty

you: oh, another classic one is when she splattered her food on my clothes during lunch time and told her parents that i ate all her food....when we were 10

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