chapter twelve

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Sunday 5:07 am

hoseok: gOoD mORNING

hoseok: wait you're probably asleep because it's sunday

hoseok: wake uppppppp

hoseok: waKE UPPPPP

hoseok: wow i'm aggressive

you: i don't wanna seem mean and all but i think i am gonna seem like it but i swear i need at least 5 more hours of sleep before i combust into who knows what because do you knoW HOW MUCH HOMEWORK I HAD TO FINISH LAST NIGHT

hoseok: yikes i'm sorry

hoseok: have a good rest ✌🏻

Sunday 6:01am

you: i can't sleep now god dangit

you: so why are your practices always so early in the morning?

hoseok: good morning pea

hoseok: i'm preparing for our comeback

hoseok: and no i am not telling you when the teaser is going to come out

you: i diDn'T know there was a comeback

you: did you guys not already have a comeback this year?

hoseok: yeah, well it's a surprise

you: i'm excited then

hoseok: it won't disappoint :-)

you: it never was

[edit] the note below was me at bigshit when they didn't post shit about IDOL coming out

yall hear a lil' sumn?? (bigshit didn't mcfrickin post anything up today either)

anyways, here's a new character to the story uWU

Sunday 6:17am

unknown number: ʰᵉˡˡᵒ, jimin here :D

you: wait what

you: i'm not really in the mood for prank message

unknown number: noo ʳᵉᵃˡˡʸ ᵃᵐ

unknown number: and by jimin i mean park jimin from bts...not the female one :<

you: how are you so sure

unknown number:

jimin: i'm sure uwu

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jimin: i'm sure uwu

you: woaH okay, thanks for my new phone wallpaper but um why are you messaging me all of a sudden?

you: also how did you get my number..

jimin: i got your number from hobi

jimin: anddd i just wanted to say hi because hoseok is practicing his balls off now and his phone seemed to have died hehe

jimin: he's also been talking about you ever since you were assigned to him through the hotline

jimin: hOwdy do new friend i guess uWu

you: i'm still processing

jimin: what from?

you: the fact that you are messaging me and the reason for it is because hoseok is supposedly talking about me to you

jimin: ᵒʰ ⁱᵗ'ˢᵒᵗ ʲᵘˢᵗ ᵐᵉ, all seven of us know who soo hyejin is now

you: i am not okay

you: no i am physically and all but i am not okay

you: whA-HOW

you: i don't want to be too nosy or anything but, what does he tell you guys about me?

jimin: oh you know, how he always wants me to shut up so that he can concentrate on what to type when he messages you all he time, no big deal!

you: so that's why he types for so long

jimin: aHAHaH hyung gets really nervous when he messages you uwu

jimin: he's also never been on his phone this much before, up until now

you: it's my fault isn't it

you: i'll stop texting him them, he has a busy schedule anyways

jimin: ooh puff no

jimin: i didn't mean it in a bad way, hobi hyung usually never uses his phone much (unless it's selfies) and seeing him smile looking at his phone makes me a little happy

you: my jihope heart

jimin: what :o

you: yes um, hoseok has been a really good friend to me, i really do appreciate it

jimin: he's our hope, we're his hope

you: he's j-hope

jimin: sOo i have to go now before the dance king himself whips my ass for not practicing the dance routine so i gotta go bYeeee :P

you: byee

continuation of your usual buzz :-)

Sunday 12:23pm

hoseok: tHANK YOUSOMuch

hoseok: my phone battery died and then there was no charger and yeah hEY

you: hello, yes i have heard

you: jimin messaged me a while ago

hoseok: whAT

hoseok: what did he say?

you: a lot of stuff

hoseok: stuff..about?

you: it's personal, yes

hoseok: alright, you need your privacy too, soo what did i miss while my phone and my physique died?

you: i studied right after jimin went off to start dancing

you: then i had pizza

you: i was about to shower but then my phone notification ringed

hoseok: aww, you chose me over shower :,)))

you: i'm going to shower now :)))))

hoseok: dang it

hoseok: have fun in there

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