"...me to take care of you."

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#69: "don't worry, you've got me to take care of you."
#76: "you're not alone, i'm right here."

it was the day after you, steve, and the kids had jumped into the tunnels and trenched the place. after steve got all the kids to safety, up and out of the way of all the demo-dogs, you were still stuck with him as they flew past. you thought everything was fine — that was, until one of the wild pack dogs jumped out and bit you right on the leg. immediately after, you passed out. maybe it was the pain, or the venom pulsing through your bloodstreams, but whatever it was it had caused you to be knocked out cold for an entire 32 hours.

your eyes fluttered open slowly and you squinted as the sun shone brightly through your window. covering your face, you rolled onto your side and groaned in pain as you felt your leg begin to throb.

"hey, hey, hey. you're okay, you're okay."

you recognized that voice. opening your eyes back up again, you saw steve, your boyfriend of only a month or so, hovering over you protectively. he was looking down at something. confused, you followed his gaze and your eyes widened at the giant bandage covering half of your calf.

"steve, what's—"

"shh," he whispered. "you got bit last night by one of the demo-dogs. you're okay though. you're okay."

you were out of your mind confused. what was he talking about?

"i don't understand."

suddenly, a sharp pain shot through your leg and you jolted, letting out a yelp. steve winced, waiting until you had settled down to peel off some of the bandage.

"i was bit by a demo-dog?" you clarified and steve nodded. "how long was i out for."

"32 hours."


steve examined the wound, sighing as he pressed the bandage back down. he climbed over, bringing you into his arms. steve pressed a kiss to the top of your head as you looked around. the two of you were laying in your bedroom and you felt slightly embarrassed; steve had never been in your room before, and this definitely wasn't the ideal situation.


"yeah, babe?"

"w—what's gonna happen?" you asked, fear evident in your voice as you looked up at steve. "am i gonna die?"

"you're not gonna die, babe. you'll be okay. you're not alone, i'm right here," he said soothingly, running his hands through your hair. you relaxed slightly, but not for long. thoughts continued swarming your brain and before you knew it, you were sobbing.

"hey hey hey, it's okay."

"steve, i'm gonna die! the demo-dog bit me and i'm gonna die!" you choked out, nuzzling your face in his neck. sighing, steve wrapped his arms around you tightly, running his hands up and down your back as you cried into his sweater.

a few minutes had passed and you were much calmer now. steve had gone out to the kitchen in search of advil since your leg was aching and he returned moments later, carrying a bajillion things in his arms.

"okay, i got advil, tylenol, this freezing cream stuff, more numbing shit—"

"steve," you chuckled, taking his hand in yours. "i just wanted advil and some water. but thank you."

"shit, the water! hold on y/n, i'll be right back," he said before rushing out of the room. he sprinted in moments later with a glass of water, nearly spilling over the top. you giggled despite the pain in your leg.

"thank you steve."

"anything for you," he said, handing you the glass and the bottle of pills. sighing, he sat back down beside you, watching as you downed the glass and three pills for good measure. steve wrapped an arm around you, pressing a kiss to your cheek. "need anything else?"

"could you get me some ice cream?" you asked sheepishly. steve chuckled before climbing off the bed, nodding. "sorry."

"hey. don't worry, you've got me to take care of you," he said, flashing his infamous steve harrington grin before heading to grab you some ice cream.

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