July 28, 2014 - Meet The Wattpad4

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When you know, you know. That’s what writers Rebecca Sky, Erin Latimer, Leah Crichton, and Monica Sanz thought when they first discovered each other’s stories on Wattpad. The four bonded quickly over their love of reading and writing, as well as a mutual quirky sense of humor, and they now share a unique friendship.

“It’s funny how we have never met face-to-face, but they are some of my dearest and closest friends now,” says Leah. “I truly cannot imagine a day without them in it.”

Hundreds of comments and inbox messages later, the writers decided to officially form The Wattpad4, a group dedicated to giving back to their supportive Wattpad communities through weekly Twitter chats, monthly contests, and more.

“We formed the Wattpad4 to fully support each other’s dreams and to give back to the community that helped us get to where we are,” says Rebecca Sky.

The Wattpad4 hosts Twitter Chats every Monday at 8PM EST,covering all kinds of topics, from World-Building to How to Write a Believable Romance. Join the conversation every Monday by following #Wattpad4 on Twitter.

If you, just like the Wattpad4, would like to form a band of merry writers, or if you have already started such a group, here are some tips on how to give back to your readers on Wattpad:

1. Host a Contest. It can be any kind of contest — one shot, peer review, 30 day writing challenge — and you can get creative with prizes, offering dedications, book reviews, or even something as simple as sending a postcard.

2. Throw a Twitter Party. Twitter chats are a fun way to get everyone involved in real time. To host a Twitter Party, pick a unique hashtag, set aside one hour, and prepare 4-5 questions. Once the party begins, start asking these question in a Q&A format, and favourite or retweet the best answers.

3. Find like-minded wattpadders. With so many different communities, you are bound to find people on Wattpad who share your interests. Connect with these people by following and keeping in touch with wattpadders who seem interesting to you.

4. Let the world know. If you have just created a group or organized an event, let the world know by updating your Wattpad status, posting on social media, and — most important of all — by letting Wattpad know. Just send us a social media shoutout @Wattpad or leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear about your initiative!

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