Sick Mr. Rose

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Zach's pov

It's been a few weeks already. I'm just at work on a Wednesday morning when I got a phone call. "Hello?"

"Mr. Miliffa, it's Scarlett from the main lobby. I heard that Mr. Rose is at the hospital."

"Why? Did anything happen to him?"

"Umm, he's sick." She said slowly. Ugh, today I had a lot of papers to do work on, finally I'm starting to work. Now I have to visit my old soon should retire assistant.

"Okay Scarlett call Robby to get ready, I'm going to the hospital."

"Okay, sir."

"Oh, and thank you." I looked down at the floor.

"No problem." She said with a sweet voice.

I hung up and set my phone on the table. I sighed, then I remembered that Mr. Rose is in the hospital.

I press the elevator door and it opened immediately. I press the button to the main lobby. I was looking at my watch when suddenly the elevator door opened. And it was her.


She noticed I was here and looked down at the ground. She pressed the button to the 5th floor.

I just notice she's wearing our uniforms. Which was a fancy dark blue top with a long dark blue skirt, lower than her knees. It suited her actually. It showed her curves.

It felt like an eternity to get to the main lobby. I was just watching her every move, while she looked at the ground.

I hate being this way to her. But I have to.

Then the elevator door finally opened. She walked out immediately, it was about to close then she suddenly looked at me one more time, her face full of sorrow.

"Maine-" the door closed. Shit.

"How did he get sick exactly." I asked annoyed. When I came into Mr. Rose's room he was sitting and drinking some tea while reading some newspaper. Can you believe that?

"Stress sir." The doctor said smiling sincere.

"He looks fine to me." I spat. I looked over at him again. Riley was now here. She came in with a basket full of fruits. Now Mr. Rose is eating some apples peacefully.

"Can I talk with you sir." Henry said, the doctor who was taking care of Mr. Rose.

I followed him outside, meaning hallway.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I think you can clearly see that Mr. Rose is way too old to be your assistant." Henry said worryingly.

"Yes. I know but that lousy old man has a brick for a brain." I scoffed.

"Meaning?" He asked.

"His mind is very hard to break, he's very stubborn. Whatever you say to him nothing will get in his stubborn reckless brain." I sighed. Henry look surprised that I said all that.

"Oh. Okay, I see." Suddenly I see Scarlett walking toward us. She was in a white long dress that made you think that she was going to a beach.

"Hey Zach." She smiled showing her white teeth. "Hey doc." She looked at both of us.

"Hey." We both said at the same time. She smiled wholeheartedly.

"Where's Mr. Rose?"

"Scarlett what do you think you're doing here?" Mr. Rose asked as soon as we entered his room. He was now watching tv. I clenched my jaw in anger but I tried to control myself.

"Riley is taking care of the front." Scarlett said dropping some books on the table. Now I noticed Riley is nowhere to be seen. "Bought you you're favourite book in case you get bored, but it looks like you're occupied right now." She said staring at the tv.

"May I talk to you Mr. Rose?" I said sitting down on the chair that Riley sat on besides the bed Mr. Rose is sitting at.

The doctor left and Scarlett is just looking around the room. Mr. Rose cleared his throat gesturing Scarlett to leave. "It's okay." I said, "Anyway-"

"I know you need an assistant." He sighed. Which once again I tried to control my anger from him cutting me off. "Which is why I already got one for you." He said peeling an orange and asking if I wanted some which I denied politely.

"Where is he?" I asked looking around.

"First of all she's not here but at the building. And yes it's a girl." He added judging by my reaction.

Mr. Rose told me to go back to work, and meet my new temporary assistant.

Robby drove me back to my company. When I entered the building I was checking my watch, it was now 10:30, when I saw a girl in formal clothing with a huge smile plastered on her face with dark shiny red hair.

"Hello Mr. Miliffa. My name is Daniella Roberts, it is a pleasure to finally meet you." She said politely while extending her hand for me to shake. Well this is going to be a long day.

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